Barrel Roll! Podcast #115 – “5,000 Missiles Strong”

On the latest installment of the Barrel Roll Podshow, Adam 1 returns from the Nether-realms with tales of Minecraft co-op play (and trolling).

The guys decide that everything that can be said about Portal 2 without spoiling it has been said, and Jesse moves on to more insane SHMUP action with a return to Ikaruga and the 5,000 missile strong Bangai-o HD: Missile Fury. Jonah finally finishes Mega Man Legends, and realizes he did complete it back in the day after all, and moves on to much more nerdy endeavors with Magic: The Gatherin’ – Duels of the Plainswalkers and Sim City 4.

There is also much talk of Dragon Quest IX, which Adam has just started up, as well as a ton of recent XBLA demos.

All this plus news and the games releasing this week on Barrel Roll! #115, “5,000 Missiles Strong”.

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