First Hitman 5: Absolution details revealed

GM: Square Enix’s just announced that Hitman 5: Absolution is in development and had released a teaser trailer for the game.

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RioKing2770d ago

Yay! Hitman's back baby!!

Drazz2770d ago

Day year, but still day 1!!!

SolidStoner2769d ago

one of may favorite games of all times :) day 1!

Dsnyder2770d ago

YES. Im a bit angry that it took this long because of all that money hey lost maknig the shitty movie but this is great. Hitman needs to stealth up this generation a little by shoving his fiber wire UP ITS ASS.

Led-Zeppelin2770d ago

"Square Enix is planning for a proper reveal of the game tomorrow" Yes! hopefully another trailer is revealed too.

bauer0072770d ago

no the article is incorrect, Square Enix is releasing an official press release tomorrow, there wont be any new footage till E3

M4I0N32770d ago

hmm yeah, i'd like to know more about this Glacier 2™ engine that they're using for the game. Its sounds very interesting! :)

Rikan2770d ago

2011 seems to be the best gaming year ever. Ever.

Led-Zeppelin2770d ago

The article said its being released in 2012.

Danielmccue2770d ago


If the world ends i'm gonna be pretty damn pis*ed

Rikan2770d ago

Helps to read lol I just watched the trailer.

BeastlyRig2770d ago

I hope steam gives a free copy of old hitmam game when pre purchased! I like when they do that..

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