PSN Restoration Timeline Update

I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

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Tuxedoassassin3134d ago

Thanks Sony for updates, but we know this a long time.
So please more work on PSN and less on "half-updates".

Wolverick3134d ago

This is better than no update. At least I can quit refreshing the blog 2-3 times a day hoping for something of good news.

ksense3134d ago

well looks like anytime between friday and sunday. I feel bad for the people working to get this up under immense pressure from all corners! Developers losing money, sony losing money plus bad publicity. I cant wait for this damn thing to end so we can start looking forward to E3 and more new games!

andremasonbaba3134d ago

I'm a Sony fanboy to death, my freaking psn tag is xbox_suc for Christ sake..I think Sony network as been fix a week or two ago and there just using all this other time to solve the ps3 hack issue where u can't copy games to ur hard drive...just bring back online play only now that got nothing to do with credit card and other shit ......when I die my last word will be SONY..

gaffyh3134d ago

So that means at least 3 more days with no PSN :(. Is there no way to speed up this process?

TripleAAARating3134d ago

ummmm....... u got issues man

Dread3134d ago

amazing that this guy (andremasonbaba)
has all those bubbles
it really shows who is running the show here at N4G

guitarded773134d ago

Here's a bubble... now stop being jealous.

ASTAROTH3134d ago

All I can say is that the CALL OF DUTY Fanboys are migrating to XBOX LIVE. Yes, the thousands of casual gamers that only bought one game a year(and that is COD related) are trading their PS3 on behalf of the Outage. Its really, REALLY hurting Sony and the PS3. I can wait patiently a month if necessary but the Call of Duty crew cant. They are just changing controllers and paying for LIVE. I saw a lot of these guys at GAMESTOP and they only buy three things... an Xbox 360, a Live membership and Black Ops.

Iroquois_Pliskin3134d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

i wanna play online dammit! Sony why are you taking so long?! I thought 4/05/11 was supposed to be the up date..................

4me23133d ago


Another bubble for you.

"it really shows who is running the show here .." giving people! Enjoy!

JoySticksFTW3133d ago

How does andremasonbaba have that many disagrees?!

His whole comment was hilarious!

"when I die my last word will be SONY.."

Fanboy WTF comic Gold!

andremasonbaba3133d ago

Thanks for all the bubbles going to bed in my Sony boxer that my girlfriend hates......none of you'll know what a fanboy until u meet me....

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Pixel_Pusher3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

when they don't give us an update people bitch, when they do... people bitch.

my prediction for an ETA falls around Thur- Friday.

(all I want from sony is "I survived PSN hack 2011" shirt)

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3134d ago

Can't please anyone. Meanwhile, I'm playing Basara Heroes and just unlocked Nobunaga. Holy crap he's scary. D:

ravinash3134d ago

I've just moved house and will have internet up by Thursday, so Friday will be good for me :-)

NBT913134d ago

When they dont give us an update people bitch, when they give us an update that says "there is no update" people bitch also... Interesting how that works.

Wobbuffet3134d ago

''appreciate your patience as we work through this process''

It's not like we had a choice sony, now was it!

overscored3133d ago

I guess people were just upset that "We still don't know how long it will take" isn't what they wanted to hear. But I for one agree that its better than nothing.

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Esena3134d ago

Yeah, although this wasn't really an update, it is better than nothing. I'd rather have them communicate than remain totally silent like nothing is wrong.

Wobbuffet3134d ago

I agree, yet i still feel dissapointed, wobbaa :(

Nitrowolf23134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

It only takes like 5 min. of their time to give us an update, and plus i don't think a man who is in charge of the social media and corporate Communications is highly involved with PSN technical.
Plus when they give us a date people usually start getting more angry after its passed the date.

Just look at the alt. links already stating it'll be a couple of days. Sony said this but they also said they are unsure (which is why they can't supply the date)

NobleGamer3134d ago

I guess its a better thing to update it all at once and when they are ready, its tiresome recieveing updates twice a month. Its been a really long time and PSN is missed..some even say its not going to be up till end of May....

I wonder how many millions of trophies are going to be synced at once !

Christopher3134d ago

***Thanks Sony for updates, but we know this a long time.
So please more work on PSN and less on "half-updates".***

Gotta love it.

Group A: "Sony doesn't update us enough on what the status of the servers are!"

Groub B: "Stop updating us with pointless updates, just tell us when it's going to be back up!"

Esena3134d ago

Group C: "I point out that people think differently"


Venom2153134d ago

i think its gonne be another weekend wothout psn....hopefully not....

Exydoz3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

This isn't an update it's the same bullshit thats has been spewed out over the last couple of weeks, remember first its was a couple of days then it was within a week, now its been down for THREE WEEKS and they still cant even commit to having it up and running by May 31st!!! Now thats redicolous...

zeeshan8103133d ago

He said "few days" :O OMG! I can't wait :)

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Emilio_Estevez3134d ago

Sucks....but it's almost here.

Istanbull3134d ago Show
Prototype3134d ago

"I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process."

Translation - The head of IT was on vacation for about 3 weeks and after basically doubling their salary it was finally decided to come back early to fix PSN; the more websites fabricate the stories and conspiracy theories the quicker we can get PSN back up again.

(Had to at least attempt to translate what I saw)

theafroman3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

So when will PSN come back you guys think? I say this Friday or next Wednesday?
I'm definitely hoping for this week.

Wolverick3134d ago

I'd like to think by this Friday we'll all be playing online again. But since he said at least a few more days it'll probably be next week as that was most likely best case scenario.

MidnytRain3134d ago


I'd be inclined to agree with you guys, but people have posted those same exact words many times over the past few weeks. At this point, I'll believe PSN is back when I sign-in and see my ID.

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EliteDave933134d ago

Still no date?! FFS! Give us a date! its been 3 weeks.

Prototype3134d ago

If they gave an ETA and didn't meet it that would make the player base lose even more confidence and may end up jumping ship.

Pillville3134d ago

Then how about giving an ETA and meeting it. That's what people want.

solidboss3133d ago

too late, remember when they said it would be up last week? they didn't meet that ETA and the player base is already loosing more confidence as more days continue to pass

SilverSlug3134d ago

Worse timeline ever. "In a few days"

Its better than "within the week" at least.

claterz3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Actually it's "at least a few more days"!!
That's even worse :(

I don't see the point in them saying "at least a few more days". Why not tell us the maximum time that we're going to have to wait.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L3134d ago

So if they say a specific date and they don't meet it...they'll get crucified either way.

claterz3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

They don't need to say a specific date, maybe just "we're working towards getting it done by..."

Obviously if they told us it would definitely be up then people would be disappointed if it wasn't, but they must have an idea of when they will be finished.

This seriously doesn't cut it for an update, especially when we've been waiting 4 days since the last one.

Christopher3134d ago

Doesn't work that way, claterz. If they said that they "were working to get it done by Friday" the people would take that as a promise to have it up on Friday.

Best bet, IMHO, is just to inform on what you know.

claterz3134d ago

@cgoodno, well if people chose to take a statement like that as a promise then it's their problem.

I agree with you 100% that the best thing to do is inform on what they know however it doesn't seem like they're doing that.

They told us it would be back by May 3rd, and I'm not mad that they missed that date, I'm mad because something must have gone seriously wrong to extend the date to what has now been 7 days from then. Something obviously went wrong but they're not letting us know about it.