PlayStation Network PixelJunk Dev Warns of PSN Developer Exodus, Expects Update in 'A Week or Two'

PlayStation Network has no deadline for return, and developers relying on PSN for revenues are being hurt with each day that goes by. Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert (PIxelJunk) previously told IndustryGamers that the outage "definitely" affects his studio's bottom line. The situation clearly hasn't gotten any better since weeks have gone by now, but Cuthbert is expecting to hear from Sony soon.

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ravinash2717d ago

I love Pixel junk, these are the people who have a real reason to worry if PSN stays down.

Never mind if people can't play on line, these guys need it for their income. Hope its up again soon for them.
I would also hope that Sony would help them out if the company gets in trouble due to this.

DevilsJoker2717d ago

I'd never even thought about these guys. It's terrible to think that a PSN exclusive dev has literally had NO income these past few weeks for any of their staff. I hope no PSN exclusives had been released just before the outage. That's what bankruptcy's are made of.

SixShotCop2717d ago

Socom 4? They must be pissed.

Apocwhen2717d ago

Yeah, I feel sorry for the dev studio. When PSN returns the hardcore players will no doubt play it online but I think most of the casual gamers are going to pass on this now.

Most games would have a high selling/attachment rate the first week or two a game launches, but after that the numbers purchasing it drop.

They must be getting hit hard by this. It's got to be even worse for the indie devs who are selling games exclusively on PSN.

I am just glad 'Under Siege' did not release the week PSN went down. It was due out this week and it looks like a great game, a game I'd hate to see tank just because of the outage.

Esena2717d ago

Yeah, I think I'm more concerned for the dev's sake than for my desire to be online. I just don't want to see companies reluctant to support Sony in the future because of the longevity of this nonsense.

Lyr1c2717d ago

We as gamers, should really step up to the plate and show support for these guys and their games.

As soon as PSN is up, I'm purchasing a shitload of PSN exclusive games to show my support for them. They really need it, and as a Game Design student, I couldn't imagine how I'd be feeling if my studio was in this situation.

AngelicIceDiamond2717d ago

Sony needs to pay back these developers. In the post it sounded like Sony had an alternative Pay us back or risk losing future game development support. Capcom THQ and now pixel junk want compensation the curse hasn't lifted yet sony.

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