Activision still has no plans for pay to play Call of Duty multiplayer

XMNR: Rumors of Activision charging to play Call of Duty online kicked up again after a quarterly earnings call. This is one rumor that the game publishing company hasn't been able to put to rest but representatives are again denying any plans to pay to play Call of Duty multiplayer.

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realiks3142d ago

Next year they're going to sell bullets.
1000 bullets: 0.99$.

Queasy3142d ago

Chris Rock reference?

shadowmoses6233141d ago

Better start training on that hard scope sniping and pump action shotgun.

BiggCMan3141d ago

I would love to see this happen. Perhaps then, all the parents of the kids and teens that mainly buy these games will not pay for it, and will either kill the franchise, or force them to make it better.

ME19893141d ago

No one's forcing you to play the game. Why do you want the franchise to die?

BiggCMan3141d ago

It is single handedly killing everything that used to be great about video games. It is made strictly for money, with no improvements. It turns young kids into degenerates with no respect. And other developers are starting to follow suit and putting less and less passion into their games. Would you like to prove me wrong?

Shackdaddy8363141d ago

@shinobi It killed the fast-paced shooter genre just like guitar hero killed the music playing genre. Now every game that has any relationship to CoD automatically fails regardless of how good it is.

Shmotz3141d ago

I don't see your logic. Video games are made to make money, you cannot be angry at Call Of duty simply because they found a niche that makes them lots of money. Also, bad parenting turns kids into degenerates. Not video games. If you want to be mad, be mad at developers who would rather try and cash in rather then be creative.

sikbeta3141d ago

"force them to make it better"

maybe, that's why they didn't do it already...

ME19893141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

What is it killing that's great? Last time I checked, there are a ton of awesome games that are coming out and will continue to come out. Instead of blaming Call of Duty, why not blame the developers who themselves choose to follow/copy in its footsteps?

I also find it extremely naive to think COD itself makes kids the rotten turds they've become now. Society as a whole has degenerated, bad parenting and questionable social environments are what take their toll on kids. I highly doubt Call of Duty has a huge impact on their manners.

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Bounkass3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

@ liks:

Funny man! You so funnyyyyy!

Cheeseknight283141d ago

If you do a little digging you'll learn that the default price for 12 months of Xbox Gold, $60, was raised to that price because Activision wanted a cut of the profits. Their argument was that over half of all Gold members paid the subscription for Call of Duty.

Basically, they said prior to the price increase they didn't get any money off gold. After the increase, they claimed they did. So yes, they are charging for the multiplayer.

Vladplaya3141d ago

That's interesting, but at the same time you saying that technically Activision is getting a cut from ALL members of Gold, even those who don't play the CoD? That would be pretty messed up and somehow I don't think Microsoft would go with that.

Raven_Nomad3142d ago

Well who didn't already know this? They wouldn't have the best selling game each and every year if they charged for online play. Especially on PSN, those people are cheapskates. Always begging for Maps and DLC for free. Get a job and buy your own!

princejb1343141d ago

lmao haha im one of those cheap people, i wouldnt pay to play online and i dont buy map packs, i just dont think is worth paying for it, i already have enough bills as it is

Raven_Nomad3141d ago

Well I buy certain map packs and DLC. Sometimes it's essential to the game like with Alan Wake. Of you didn't buy the final DLC to that game you have no idea how the ending turned out.

I buy map packs on games like COD sometimes, only if I feel the game is getting stale for me personally. Which Black Ops was. Now I am on it more then ever, it's like a whole new game!

xGet_In_There3141d ago

@ Raven

Don't you find it a little absurd though that you have to buy DLC to find out how a game ended? So you paid $59.99 for the game (which should have the REAL ending) and then DLC packs just to get the ending? It should be "Buy this DLC for an alternate ending"

Gamer_Z3141d ago


I agree with you about asking for free DLC and map packs but to force a subscription fee for features that are already free from other sources like facebook, twitter, espn, and online play is not right.

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The story is too old to be commented.