Impulse Gamer: SOCOM 4 Review

Impulse Gamer: Socom 4 takes you into the world of Cullen Gray who is the Ops Commander in this latest instalment of the series. Taking on the action from a third person perspective, I found this to be a ripper of a game, however only lasting about 8 hours in single player mode.

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James Vanderbeek2720d ago

i need to play this online like 2 weeks ago.. haha

hardcorehippiez2720d ago

Patience man, there is a lot of people out there waiting to play this. it will be online soon enough and then be prepared to sign away many hours of your life. im an old time socom vet and at first i was wtf is this but after prolonged single player i can see the socom charm taking hold on this game and the online will only boost that ( just like the others did ) see you online .

Knushwood Butt2719d ago

I've sunk over 30 hours into the single player.

Just 3 more missions to beat on Elite.

Like it a lot, and it's good to have a genuinely challenging game for a change. I hate firing up a game on 'hard', only for it to be a walkover.