Hitman Absolution teaser video hides some details?

@XG247: With the new Hitman Absolution teaser trailer out we took a closer look at what may lie beneath the surface.

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Thrungus3352d ago

Woah, snake!

Not Solid Snake ;)

I_find_it_funny3352d ago (Edited 3352d ago )


a number that is in your face at the end is called "a hidden detail beneath the surface"



Ve3tro3352d ago

Can't wait, Blood Money is still one of my all time greats.

XGN_Alex3352d ago

Definitely, but the series goes from strength to strength so I think this could be even better!

kramun3352d ago

Yeah Blood Money was the best of the series so far, really looking forward to the next one. Blood Money took the series to new heights, hopefully the next will take it even further.

ChrisGTR13352d ago

blood money?!? WTF?! contracts was the best in the series, followed by hitman 1 agent 47.

kramun3352d ago

Go back and play Contracts, and then play Blood Money and tell me, honestly, what you think is best. If you answer "Contracts" you are seriously deluded.

If your answer is "Hitman 1" you need a straight-jacket.

Ve3tro3352d ago

Well that's your opinion, mine is.

Blood Money
Silent Assassin

ChrisGTR13351d ago

dammit. fuck the subtitles, hitman 2 was the best.

my order

hitman 2
" 1
" 4
" 3

Fantaman3352d ago

A June date could mean E3, or possibly a surprise release in July even - I can dream right?

XGN_Alex3352d ago

E3 is most likely, but surprise releases are all the rage this year! Dream on!

trainsinrdr3352d ago

i will def try this game out because everyone else seems to love it

XGN_Alex3352d ago

Have you never played a Hitman game before?

Rybakov3352d ago

very crisp hopefully the game looks like that

game is gonna be interesting

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