Thor: God Of Thunder Review - WGTC

Throughout the years, licensed and movie tie-in games have been frowned upon by the knowledgeable gaming community. Not because their subject matter is poor, however. It’s due to the fact that they’re usually rushed, lack creativity and/or feature broken mechanics. It’s a lack of care, time and resources that seems to contribute to these issues. The result is more than often a complete failure to win over informed gamers who generally know what to expect from licensed video games – a waste of money and time.

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Doctorofreality3132d ago

Didn't need a review to tell me to avoid it hahah. MOney making rush jobs, little understanding or respect for the industry.

thegreatest78843132d ago

The only licensed superhero move tie-in game I've ever enjoyed was the XMen Origins Wolverine game. Maybe when devs start making quality games like that to go along with the summer blockbusters we'll start seeing these scores rise.

SilverSlug3131d ago

The DS one is good so far, the PS3 isn't. It borrows from god of war, but has bad animation. Has some good ideas, but very weak.

RaymondM3131d ago

saw it coming! Thor looks like trash, can't believe Kenneth royal Shakespeare company Bragnaugh did this film.

aPerson3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

Ummm dude, the movie itself is good. This is a review for the game.

The game is bad. Not the movie. WHY IS THIS DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND???

RaymondM3129d ago

because it looked like trash and I'm entitled to my own opinion. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO USE CAPS LOCKED INSTEAD OF GIVING A LOGICAL ARGUMENT???