Auto Update: Street Fighter II

There is an auto update now available for 'Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting.' Xbox Live users will be automatically prompted to accept this auto update the next time they sign in to Xbox Live with SF:II. The title update will address connection and time out issues that have been reported by players. In addition, the Leaderboards will be cleared in order to offset players that have cheated by causing intentional disconnections.

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kewlkat0075880d ago

People complain about XBOK Live issues and you can't blame MS for trying to update and fix them as them problems arise..Still not perfect tho, but what you gonna do..

I wish they had SF alpha then this one too ..oh well.

XerockX5880d ago

finally. any time you smoke anybody in the top 100 they quit at the end. I hope they fixed that too.

SDS Overfiend5879d ago

i Whipped a little ass today without anyone quittng.I was able to move up in ranking easily by defeating high ranked victims and not have them quit. One Dude quit and i was still blessed with the Victory.

Also alot of the Old Number one players that cheated don't play anymore like that.