Bodycount Release Date Revealed

Codemasters hasn’t revealed anything much of late concerning the forthcoming Bodycount, however it now appears that the official release date has been pushed back. Currently in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Bodycount was originally penned-in as “Q2 2011”, however it now appears as though the game will be arriving this summer instead.

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Dart893137d ago

That's good that they're releasing it during the drought season of gaming it should increase sales.

Sneak-Out3137d ago

looking forward to this

InTheKnow3137d ago

I was hoping for a June/July sale. Launching your game at the end of August, right before the launch of Gears, rage and Resistance 3 is near suicide not mention all the kids enjoying the last week of holidays before returning to school...very short sighted if you ask me.

In regards to the game, I'm looking forward to trying it. I'm a big fan of Stuart Black and have some expectations. The trailer with the space ship coming from the underground did NOT impress me and there seems to be a difficult learning curve with the controls according to some that have played it. Maybe the delay will tighten up the controls.

BTW, Stuart Black left in October to make a FPS with cry3 tech...can't wait to see that game.

Raider693137d ago

Stuart Black quit because he was not able to stand the pressure and make something better than Black from BC.

EliteAssass1n3137d ago

totaly forgot about this game. Don't really care as the gameplay we did see was pretty shit.

DeadlyFire3136d ago

It was earliest version of the game they could show. A mistake to even show that I believe. Game likely looks a million times better than that now.

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