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ThebitBag: "Jagon finally built his PC. We chatted for a bit about it and I have some photos of the beastly machine for you."

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imvix3341d ago

While that is an overkill. PC gaming is awesome. Since recently most game releases are crap, i have gone back to playing some of the classics.

Fired up Dosbox and started playing Conquest of the new world, its like a freaking time machine where you can load up any old game start playing relive the memories.

SantistaUSA3341d ago

Complete waste of time and money IMO, $11k on that? That's just plain stupid! With that kind of money I would expect to look incredibly awesome!

I love building computers, but even if I had tons of money I wouldn't spend that much.

Last November I built:

CPU i7 960
Ram Corsair 6gb DDR3 1600
SSD crucial 64gb
HDD 1 terabyte
Sound card Claro Plus
Case Cooler Master HAF 932 Full tower
Speakers Logitech Z-5500
Monitor 46" lcd samsung 120hz

All that under $4k

JsonHenry3341d ago

Nice. Not worth the money he spent, but nice!

Theonetheonly3341d ago

He could run the new Samaritan demo from nvidia and crysis 1 in a separate window. :) 2560X1600 EACH!

ATiElite3341d ago

actually each game could run on it's own set of 3 screens in 3d 1600p max settings.

he could also convert 500gb of HD video, burn a blu-ray, do my taxes, launch the space shuttle, calculate pi, run prime 95, and download porn, all at the same time with NO problems.

monkeyfox3341d ago

Nice.. for the next couple of years at least!

TheGameFoxJTV3341d ago

More like couple of decades.

Bellcross3341d ago

Horrible tower and it's not even liquid cooled? this guy is clearly a noob with a lot of money to waste.

I could build a better one for that much cash, shit I recently built a i5 2500K clocked at 4.5GHz with a GtX 570 system for $980.

I'm able to play almost every game at Maxed out settings at 1080p.

SantistaUSA3341d ago

I agree, he doesn't even know how to take a picture lol,
I'm yet to get a game that my computer can't keep up at 1080p! I can any games maxed out so far.

Love my computer:

CPU i7 960
Ram Corsair 6gb DDR3 1600
SSD crucial 64gb
HDD 1 terabyte
Sound card Claro Plus
Case Cooler Master HAF 932 Full tower
Speakers Logitech Z-5500
Monitor 46" lcd samsung 120hz

Oner3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Agreed as well. Hell I don't even PC game anymore and still built me this ~

Corsair 800D Case
Corsair HX 850 Watt Modular Power Supply
Corsair XMS Triple Channel DDR3 1600 6 Gigs
Corsair H50 CPU Water Cooling
ASUS P6T Motherboard
Intel i7 930 Quad Core 2.8ghz CPU
Nvidia GeForce GTX260 (given to me for free)
Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Sound Card w/ breakout box
1 Pioneer BD-RW
1 Pioneer DVD-RW
2 Misc Disc Drive Readers for other stuff
3 Hard Drives ~ 1 Velociraptor for dual booting (going to be swapped for SSD later) & 2 1TB's for storage, backup & etc.
4 Case Fans @ 120mm
2 Case Fans @ 140mm
2 Radiator Fans @ 120mm
Logitech DiNovo BT Keyboard & Mouse combo

for a little more than a $1000 which is aesthetically nicer, cleaner (between the dust/clutter/wiring spaghetti he has) and mine wouldn't take more than swapping in a GOOD GPU or 2 to lay down some good numbers!

davekaos3340d ago

Since we are all comparing rigs, i will add mine.

i7 2600k OC'd 5.2GHz

4gb Corsair Dominator 1600MHz OC'd to 1866 with cas of 9-8-9-21

OCZ IBIS HSDL SSD 160gb (fastest HDD present)

Sonic Platinum gtx 460 x2 in sli

all housed in Cooler Master HAF X with triple and dual rad setup

moe843339d ago

Liquid cooling is overrated these days. Air has caught up and can keep even the most expensive systems cool if they don't run a serious OC.

The only time liquid is good to have, is when you're gaming or folding for really long sessions, or... you just stopped gaming. Liquid can cool your system down faster at idle, than air can.

Veeger3341d ago

The picture with two huge fans tells it all.

NitrousX3341d ago

Funny that most of the money was spent on the SSD's, but yet even the most significant equipment was left out was the fans needed to cool down the PC Epic Fail.

likedamaster3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Agreed. Why isn't the processor liquid cooled, or even the cards? And why no cooling for chipset or RAM? These things all heat up especially when overclocked. No need for those two big oscillating fans if computer was properly cooled.

Nice rig regardless, way better than mine.

Giru0173341d ago

Oh yeah, to make matters worse, he DIDN'T overclock -_-

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