E3 Countdown: Our Predictions and Why We Love E3

We here at Lo-Ping are pumped for E3, we know you are too. You’re an avid gamer who likes to stay up to date on the latest and greatest news of the industry, whether you’re reading up about it on a website or watching a live stream of the Video Game Awards show, suffering through all the celebrity crap just to get to the new game trailers.

We’ve decided that we’re going to get the E3 ball rolling a little early with this six part series which covers everything about the show; from its humble beginnings to our most beloved (and worst) memories of the expo, as well as spilling the beans on the rumors and what we each expect to see from each of the big three conferences.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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fatalred alarm3349d ago

Why we love E3? Because we get tons of new game information and it's a week every gamer wins.

3349d ago
Alos883349d ago

I'm hoping to see some HD remake announcements personally.

undercovrr3349d ago

Can't wait for E3. There are always good surprises. And I'm really curious to see what Nintendo's new console can do. I want to see the graphics surpass Uncharted 2's (best on consoles).

newn4gguy3349d ago

Were any of these people gamers before the age of 20?

LiquidSnack3349d ago

What were you expecting? A sequel to Asteroids?

newn4gguy3349d ago

No. They talk about how the 6th gen was the best age of gaming and that is where the roots of the industry are.

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