PSN Takes A Nap | Sheep

GS Writes: "Sony released a statement on the PSN being down just as we were preparing to go live with our podcast. So that gave us something to talk about for most of the show.
We also have some impressions on big games released this week and get an update on Konrad’s medical saga. If you didn’t know, this was our first podcast done live. So thanks to those of you who stopped in to listen and chat with us."

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Who3135d ago

April 23? This is old news.

Wasted my time listening to a bunch of trolls ramble on about how they prefer to buy multiplatform games on the 360 because of what had recently happened to PSN.

the worst3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

this is the worst podcast ever
we all know the psn is down old news
a bunch of silly fanboys
what a bunch of trolls
boring couldn't even finish listening

montyburns0003134d ago

PSN takes a nap and shits the bed

kuroukage3134d ago

Wow, your shitty site is gunna talk about PSN over and over for the 1000th time in weeks because you're unoriginal and can't come up with anything else to say? I'm just shocked by this.