Why Online Gaming Has Become The Norm

I can think back to a time when playing together meant going over to a friend’s house, or inviting one to yours, and over the phone telling them to, “Bring an extra controller!” Then, upon arrival, they’d sit right next to you, and you’d be having a blast shooting at each other or shooting at other things together. Maybe take a snack break after some time, heating up some Bagel Bites, then resuming your session. While this is still very true, it is prevalent in a different form: Over the Internet.

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movements3131d ago

It's become the norm indeed:

That's why we want PSN so bad!

DWOM3131d ago

it's not the norm...
I play both multiplayer and singleplayer games, and both can be great... it depends on the game,
For example: Silent Hill Online was bad, but Fallout 3 is grear...
then again: left 4 dead is great, but Star Wars Starfighter is garbage... it all depends on the game...

B1663r3131d ago

I chat with people online while I am playing my single player games...

Its an xbox thing, you wouldn't understand...

jrbeerman113131d ago

i actually miss the days of getting guys together to play goldeneye 4 player and even halo 8 player.

Pain3131d ago

Yea cuz in those days all you had to do was reach over and hit your bud in face when he killed you.

DWOM3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

... sry double post :(

Rybakov3131d ago

its become the norm but it shouldnt be

we need better single player games and the occasional multiplayer get your money out of a full 25+hour single player games vs a 2 hour super repetitive multiplayer game like call of duty

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