iPhone 5 set to fail?

The iPhone 5 rumours have been bouncing round the internet since the release of the current generation, but the question I ask is; is it going to be as successful as it's predecessors?
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kookie2771d ago

Ipad 2 is fail among us core internet people, but when its in real life the people likes it.

TechnologicalGenius2771d ago

Tablets in general I don't see much use for.

BiggCMan2771d ago

Exactly. I have no problem bringing my laptop with me on the go if I need it. Most laptops perform better anyways. Tablets to me are just over sized smartphones, without the phone capabilities. Regarding the topic though, iPhone 5 definitely won't fail because of the large following Apple has with that product. iPhone was never the best though, its just easy to use and caters to the mainstream very well. Its a nice device though.

captain-obvious2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

casuals are just a bunch of sheep
i have a friend on mine that just got him an Ipad
shortly after that apple announced ipad2

and he was like all over it and decided to get an ipad2 after like 2 weeks of getting his first one

when i asked him why trying to convince him not to waste his money

he answered "they added a camera this time"

after that i was in one big epic facepalm mode

and oh yah
if they added a ""game"" like that in that pic
i dont think it'll fail


Army_of_Darkness2771d ago

The iphone is like a version of capcoms street fighter games... Minor updates. Full price.

Fox012771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Waiting for iPhone 6; it will determine wether I'll get the iPhone 7 or not :(

Information Minister2771d ago

The only way an iPhone can fail is if Apple forgets to slap their logo on it.

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LOGICWINS2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Me too. Whats the point of getting a tablet when I can do the same shit and MORE on a laptop?

Si-Fly2771d ago

Since buying an ipad my laptop doesn't get used anymore, since my girlfriend got her ipad she only turns her laptop on to sync and dowload updates. Until you've used one on a regular basis you'll never realise how much more convenient it is to use than a laptop, also a great travel companion on long flights.

LOGICWINS2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

^^Is it more convenient for doing work, such as in Microsoft Word?

Dojan1232771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

If you travel a lot you would understand the value. In between connections I can open up my tablet and not have to wait for a boot. I can surf quickly and not be limited to a small screen. In fact I am about to board a plane now.

BTW: Yes I have a PS3 and my PC has a 570 gtx. I would not consider myself a casual gamer.

Si-Fly2771d ago

No, for Word I'd use a desktop at the office or my one at home. But for looking at N4G, sending emails, surfing the web or YouTube an ipad is so much more convenient than a laptop.

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tweet752771d ago

if has to have enough new features to justify a new purchase. Not just a few upgrades.

Highlife2771d ago

after seeing the google IO 11 dev conf apple will be left in the dust.

cochise3132771d ago

People eat Apple up, there is no way the iphone will fail even though there are better phones out there.

Simco8762771d ago

Sounds alot like Microsoft.

Looks like the old guard is getting replaced

TechnologicalGenius2771d ago

I have a few friends that are absoubtle apple fanboys, Macs, every iphone since release, apple tv. If apple did their own apples that were grown in disease ridden areas of the earth, you can rest assure they'd still eat them.

But, some of them are considering to skip out the iPhone 5, not sure if this applies to other apple whores, but to me it seems apparent people are slowly starting to think for themselves and not apples marketing.

Si-Fly2771d ago

Agreed, I could care less if a phones specs are better than an iPhone 5, I like simplicity in life and gone are the days where I can be bothered to learn to use a new phone, I'll stick with Apple thanks.

cervantes992771d ago

I agree 100% with you. Simplicity is king and Apple (in my opinion) has the best interface for simplicity.

I will buy an iPhone 5,6,7,8 ...

I make a good living and $200 for a new phone is nothing.

Aarix2769d ago

imo the iphone specs dont really matter if they dont make game to use it up. The iphone can easily run ds games and, up to a point, psp games. But they dont.

SammyXNA2771d ago

iPhone 5.. Blah just adding a few new features and updated firmware..

josephayal2771d ago

Set to Fail? of Course Yes

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