Mass Effect 3 Statistics to be ‘More Meaningful’

It was recently reported that Christina Norman, Gameplay Designer for Mass Effect 3, had stated that the forthcoming closing chapter for the trilogy would remove the trivial statistics included in the previous titles. However, Norman believes that this statement was taken out of context, and that there won’t necessarily be less statistics, just that they’ll be more meaningful.

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IronFistChinMi3131d ago

Glad she cleared that up, it did seem to be at odds with what is known about ME3 so far.

Johnny Blaze3131d ago

Sucks..I kept holding off playing Mass Effect...Just started ME1 so my save will carry over to ME2 which is already owned...By time I finish ME3 will be out....How did I miss this game for so long...

Jtagger "Arghhhhh"

GrayFox3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I wish I could go back and replay all the Mass Effect games for the first time again.

zoks3103131d ago

It's a very great game. If you are into space stuff and astronomy in general then head over to YouTube and subscribe to spacerip, hubblecast, Tdarnell, bestofscience, and cosmic journeys. Great stuff.

Nate-Dog3131d ago

I only got into ME a few months ago when I got an X360, now it's pretty much the only thing I use it for. Near to finishing my 3rd playthrough on ME and will play those two extra saves on ME2 soon, and am planning on getting all the achievements for ME aswell (which means at least 3 more playthroughs). Favourite game of all time now, can't believe I almost missed it.

zoks3103131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

With the delay I hope bioware ships ME3 with a lot less glitches and bugs, me1 and 2 had some very annoying bugs that never got patched.
And I don't care what everybody is saying but do not bring back the Mako, driving that thing was freaking annoying and borning.

End rant!