60GB for $449 at Best Buy Canada

Best Buy Canada now lists the 60GB for $449.

online availability of this product is sold out.

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toughNAME4070d ago

hey look...they let you comment on advertisements now

ruibing4070d ago

Lol, I agree. This should appear on slickdeals or fatwallet instead, but good news for the PS3.

nasim4070d ago

who waited all this time for a price cut.

Now they can throw that garbage box 360 and play the ps3 and watch the mega movies at FULL HD @1080p.

SPIDERMAN 3 and PIRATES 3 ----what???

BTW transformer couldnt do anything for HD DVD. Pirates 1& 2 killed Transformers .

HD DVD is finished . X360 is finished in JAPAN and EU . Na is left but hopefully tides will turn this christmas in NA.

In EU tides have already changed for ps3 being the top selling next gen console there

wangdiddy824070d ago

people stop posting pointless threads.. Its cool to see the ps3 kicking butt but lets post it when it sells a crap load in one month..

tocrazed4you4070d ago

I am a huge ps3 supporter but there is way to many of these ps3 sales blah blah blah just let the end of the month numbers speak for themselves.

Primetimebt4070d ago

Best Buy is responsing to future shop price cut of the 60 gb to $479. Future Shop is currently sold out.

SIX4070d ago

Futureshop Canada also has the 80 gig motor storm bundle with Lair as a free game for 499.00. Now that's a deal if I've ever heard of one.

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