Valve applauds LA Noire facial animation

Develop Online - Valve, one of the pioneering games studios in the field of facial animation, has hailed the “incredible high-fidelity” of the tech used in LA Noire.

“It’s impressive technically, for sure,” said Jason Mitchell, a 3D graphics hardware developer at Valve.

“And I think it’s an important inflection point in the continuum of ever-increasing fidelity in game characters.”

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BeastlyRig3135d ago (Edited 3135d ago )

yes it is awsome! now they just need uncharted body animation!

I hope this means that Valve will try to use this stuff for half life 3!

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MariaHelFutura3135d ago

What are they going to do? Diss it. Cmon. This isn`t news.

Cloudberry3135d ago

It's great that Team Bondi didn't restrict themselves and use the tech's full potential + Blu Ray on console.

3135d ago
Uncharted3Goty3135d ago

alot of developer love LA Noire facial animation
Naughty Dog Quantic dreams Valve

the developers of LA noire have made a great technology that every one is giving respect to.

Si-Fly3135d ago

Agreed, now we're just waiting to see if it's got the gameplay to back it up ...

soundslike3135d ago

I think part of the promise of that technology, is stealing some of the entertainment value given by TV/Movies

Meaning, even if the gameplay sucks, the game could still be amazing because of the depth of their reactions and facial expressions.

I don't think its possible for LA Noire to fail unless there's major issues with crashing/bugs, because at the very worst, you'll be playing a story driven game with great animations and story-lines followed up by chase scenes and shootouts.

That doesn't seem that hard to fuck up with Rockstar at your back.

VGNetwork3135d ago

Yes, this technology is the future.