GameInformer - Where's Our Brink Review?

GameInformer - If you're looking for the official Game Informer review of Splash Damage's latest multiplayer-intensive shooter, be patient. We want to test it in the wild before we make our final verdict.

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ChrisPriestman2813d ago

I offer a little respect for this decision. Fair play GI :)
Actually giving us a good review rather than trying to be the first to get a review out there.

Joni-Ice2813d ago

Is it really necessary GI? Everyone else is giving it 6.5 or 7 on average. The cat is out the bag now.

kramun2813d ago

'Is it really necessary GI?'

They obviously thought so. It's not like they would seek your permission first.

MidnytRain2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Those reviews are based on pre-patch software, which is exactly what GI is trying to avoid. As professional reviewers, they shouldn't let others' reviews affect their own.

JsonHenry2813d ago

They're holding out till splash damage gives them more money.

BeaArthur2813d ago

I tried about 10 minutes of it and I'm surprised anyone gave it over a 6. Although to be fair I didn't play it online. Maybe the MP is solid but the campaign is total poop.

J-Killer152813d ago

Isn't it like that with most shooters though? lol at the end of the day all most people care about is the multiplayer

Fishy Fingers2813d ago

I thought one of the main selling points was that you couldnt tell whether you were online or offline. At least thats what SD liked to claim.

BeaArthur2813d ago

Well with that AI, it's very apparent when you are not online. The AI is about as bad as I've seen.

Joni-Ice2813d ago

I sat here and was thinking should I take it back. So I said what the hell, let me try for myself. This is the worse game I paid $60 for.

SwampCroc2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

I played it... I played like 2 campaign missions... and I did the 1st challenge....

it's kinda different... like it all just looks like MP gameplay but you got computer AI pals... but I mean I had a blast for the 3 hours I've played it... I think I got like 9 Trophies...

But, you can tell the game is mean't to be played with other people... so yeah... not having PSN currently is kind of a drag... but I mean playing the game and learning the stuff I think you should do anyway before just hopping online... From what I've played I like it... Not quite sure if it was what I expected because I'm not sure what I really expected... I just knew it looked good... I took a gamble.. I can't place a number for a review or anything.. cuz I haven't had the full effect yet... but, it looks like they have room for plenty of extra stuff down the road... shit, the install file was only 18MB.