Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Enviroment Tech Feature

Here is a new video of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Enjoy.

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ngg123454020d ago

Shows off how amazing this game looks.

Violater4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

but the game itself will be mind blowing lol
Best looking console game full stop.

Game must be great if people are coming out to troll it on a fri night.
And frankly trying to troll uncharted is just pathetic jealousy.

SonySoldiers4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

The characters are so lifelike, true colors, true sound, true lighting & shading, true everything so perfecto!!!!

Thanks to SONY's Playstation 3. It produces ultra realistic games beyond Holywood movies!


DEADEND4020d ago

I really can't wait for this game to come out next month, another AAA title on the PS3.

socomnick4020d ago

correction First AAA game for the ps3 It is looking nice though Have fun with Uncharted guys.

Daytona4020d ago

We have to wait until it's actually released to see that. I hope it is b/c otherwise this will really hurt the ps3, so much promise and so little delievered. This needs to average atleast 9.0's all around.

I don't see it in looks, I hear all this talk about how beautiful it looks, but to be honest the Wii could accomplish this same level or damn near close. yes, some of the water is ok, but that doesn't make a game, in fact the graphics being as they are is ok, it's game play that I'm most interested in, I hope game play rules. If game play is a 10.0 and graphics a 8.0 then this game could still be a 9.0 average.

Good luck sony and company.

Primetimebt4020d ago

and who are we taking these 9.0 reviews from? ign? game informer? 1up? You guys are a joke RFOM was triple A and nearly 2.5 million copies for a lanuch title out of 5million PS3 will tell you. Like it or love it but R&C has been pulling in from so 9.0 reviews so I guess thats tripple A, and I even seen Heaven Sword with 9.0 here and there. This 9.0 review for a tripple A game is lame, if you mom tells you go to bed because it's bad staying up late do you listen? No you make your only decision. In other words unless you played it yourself reviews from other people really don't mean sh*t.

socomnick4020d ago

hmmm resistance was not AAA it was a good game nothing revolutionary or special about it. Only reason it sold is because it was the only launch title that was worth buying what else were you gonna get a genji.

Panthers4020d ago


These graphics are not even close to possible on the Wii. Get a grip dude.

Cant wait for this game. Looks great.

b777conehead4020d ago

daytona your blooming bleep the wii could not pull off graphics like that nor your beloved 360 the only console it could run on is the ps3 get used to ps3 games like this and even better graphic wise and game play wise in the next few months

BlazeXXL4019d ago

so, that means Halo 3 isn't AAA too right? It's completely the same as Halo 2 lol...

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Real gamer 4 life4020d ago

no rachet and uncharted are AAA games for the ps3

Samer3054020d ago

Ok ok who cares if its the first AAA game or the fiftyith ITS STILL A AAA GAME. Now this game is looking very nice in terms of environmnets. I like the realism being put into the game how everything reacts to what you do. That gives the whole game a better feel and makes it more enjoyable.

Daytona4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

Here's to them.

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The story is too old to be commented.