What if Sony Offers inFAMOUS for Free on PSN's Return?

With Sony announcing that they would be offering 2 games from a selection of 5 for free when PSN returns, how likely is it that inFAMOUS could be in that selection?

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dangert123138d ago

Then they better offer another gamer i dont already have as offering me what i already have as a sorry is an insult

IronFist3138d ago

I think they'll offer some brand new games to make sure that people get something they don't already have. But even though I've played infamous, I would DEFINITELY choose to download it, it's awesome.

LOGICWINS3138d ago

I say, VERY likely considering they can use it as a marketing tool for Infamous 2. There are about 35 million active PS3 gamers around the world and less than 2 million of them own the first Infamous.

It would be utter stupidity if Sony didn't offer this to us for free.

dude_meister3138d ago

@logic - I agree, they would gain sooo many fans for the franchise.

DragonKnight3137d ago

@dangert: It's not up to Sony to figure out what you do and do not have. If you don't like what they offer up, or already have it, tough luck for you.

LOGICWINS3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

@DragonKnight- Well, I'm sure that chances are that MOST PS3 owners won't have ALL the five games their offering.

sikbeta3137d ago

It's a pretty awesome game and considering that InFamous2 is going to be out soon, it's a good strategy

mugoldeneagle033137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Not only does Sony need to offer us all this free stuff but they need to make sure we don't already have it?

Take what you get and stop crying. It's FREE PSN. They don't have to give you shit, let alone a game on top of PS Plus membership and the 1 year fraud detection thing.

DragonKnight3137d ago

@logic: I agree with you, but the way dangert12 was talking, he expects Sony to know what he has and offer him something different. They wouldn't have the time to go through each account, searching for what they do not have, and offering up appropriate games.

NewMonday3137d ago

The big Sony first party games on PSN I know of are:
GOW HD collection
Siren Blood Curse

The rest are mostly PSN original games

LOGICWINS3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

I agree, even if u ALREADY have all five of those games u still get a months sub of PS Plus and Quiricity(or whatever the hell its called)

@newmonday- Giving out Warhawk for free would make sense too since its advertising for Starhawk. Obviously, not that many people will be buying Warhawk now since Starhawk may be coming out soon. Sony might as well give it out for free and use it as a marketing tool for the sequel.

JMyers3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

How will Sony know what you or anyone else has? What can they possibly offer that no one has, except more of its services (of which most are free)...

I know Offer 77 million individual items to all the individuals accounts that got compromised. A free month of plus more than covers for a service that is free. The total offering so far is about $25.

No matter what they offer, no one would be happy. It like Sony did this on purpose. This hack is not in anyone's interest, especially Sony. They will bring the system back, it will be more secure, still free, and offer free users something more. PSN+ will get these days back. I actually have 2 plus accounts, and I'm not complaining.

I'm more concerned about getting the service back soon, but not until its more secure than previously, and the people responsible being found and jailed.

dangert123137d ago

I have plus already and i have quiet a few sony exlusives i like sony alot but will feel let down if there apolgising by giving me what i have already :(

jadenkorri3137d ago

knowing my luck, every game they offer for free, im gonna already physically own...

inveni03137d ago

Offering inFamous would do wonders for the franchise, but so would offering HD collections. For instance, I've not played Shadow of the Colosus or ICO, so getting those for free may pique my interest in Team ICO's new game when it releases. It's hard to tell what they'll do, but I can guarantee it will have the purpose of up-selling something else.

Solid_Snake-3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

i wish people would stop sucking sony's nuts about you dont want anything for this down time as PSN is free.

GORRILA are in house to sony. Killzone 3 has multiplayer. some people bought killzone 3 for multiplayer. killzone 3 is sony owned. PSN is down no killzone 3 multiplayer.

Zipper Interactive are part of sony. no SOCOM 4 multiplayer means sony are to blame. YOU SPEND £40 on socom 4 and blam...PSN is down. you paid £40 for something that you cant play. its sony's fault.

Zipper Interactive once again part of sony. MAG is online only. PSN is down MAG is useless. sony again are to blame.

so all together thats say £120 worth of games with no multiplayer and as the campaign on socom 4 is garbage and mag not having one. you paid all that money to play KILLZONE 3 singleplayer.


take my bubbles away all you like but you know im right.

and who ever disagree's in my eyes would happily take it up the bum for sony.

Stewie2k83137d ago

its an insult because they are giving you a free game that you already have? so maybe they should give you another game? because your so special and they wouldnt want to insult you.

TheREAL-HyDRo1x3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Offering this piece of junk is them spitting on our face!

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mugoldeneagle033137d ago

I was able to snag infamous off of the PlayStation RLS site for pretty much $10. That's a great price. And not only would it be a free, full retail game, but it would also work as free advertising towards Infamous 2.

Would it be a smart move? Absolutely. Will it happen? Eh, probably not...But there's always a possibility.

lil Titan3137d ago

OH IF THEY DO!!! WOOT but i believe its gonna be some PSN games which is still good but if they give Infamous out free ill be good just with that game

wsoutlaw873137d ago

They would probably do it because they probably wont sell many of them with infamous 2 coming out and it could make some people who weren't looking forward to infamous 2 want to buy it.

cruncher_203137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

They should give a redeem code for a 20$ on the PSN.

The problem here is that the most affected people by this outage are big players which already own Infamous or LittleBigPlanet or every old blockbuster game (WipeoutHD or Stardust) (if they are interested by the game).

I'm really curious about what they will offer but don't put too much expectation otherwise you will be disappointed !

I hope they work to offer new features when the server will be online again... That will be a good use of the offline time !

Crazyglues3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Of course that would be awesome... but that's most likely not going to be the case...

-But since were talking about what would be cool, what would really be cool is if they took off the stupid region thing...

-and let a game like Rainbow Six Vegas 2 which was only on Euro acct's.. Let it come to the U.S. PSN store and make that one of the free games..

That would be awesome... I say there should be no more region crap..

Gamers are Gamers and We would love a worldwide PSN... Let's stuff that's just in euro come to the U.S. and Japan stuff... just let it be open no matter where you are you can grab stuff from other places..

(People are already doing it by making multiple accounts) So just open the whole thing up... Call it PSN world - You can still have things that will need to be region lock, and you can state that, but things like a theme does not have to be region locked that's stupid.

I can understand if you want a game were the servers are only in Japan to be locked to japan fine, but not everything has to be, themes should be world-wide, some games don't need to be region locked -Rainbow Six Vegas 2 download should not just be for the euro PSN - I would love that game on the hard drive, I have it on disc but I would re-buy just to have it on the hard drive...


Gantz3137d ago

Maybe just maybe that's why BEST BUY has it for $9.99?????????

GodsHand3136d ago

Bestbuy has all the retail games $10 cheaper then it's downloadable counter part.

GodsHand3136d ago

You know what's going to happen, is what ever games they offer for free will be tied to the PSN+ aspect of it. So when the free month of PSN+ expiers, they lose access to the free games, and if they want to continue to use the games, they have to renew their membership to PSN+.

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iamnsuperman3138d ago

Didn't the US PSN+ subscribers already get infamous for free?????. Likely especially with a sequel out so soon. Same I have already got it

gaffyh3138d ago

I think they gave the full game trial for free (1 hour demo)

NukaCola3137d ago

EU PSN+ subscribers got LittleBigPlanet though. Pretty cool.

JMyers3137d ago

You get a lot of this for many games on plus, and all members get plus for a month.

ziggurcat3137d ago

nope. the only thing free about infamous was the 1-hour trial.

they had wipeout HD for free when hey launched PS+ in north america.

jahcure3138d ago

won't matter to me at least. Platinumed it already :-(

Klipz-Wish3138d ago

I think one of the games will probably be Fat Princess

Barajas_2013137d ago

thats actually the game i want

TomInc3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

With the release of Infamous 2 coming up I wouldn't be surprised. I'd imagine they would focus on their solo releases anyway... fingers crossed for something good in the 5 at least!