MW3 Details Leaked?

This is a update of rumours flying around about the expected release of MW3 this year.

Craig Fairbrass the recorded voice of Gaz from COD4 and Ghost from MW2, was a guest on Andy Goldstein’s Sports Bar radio show on Talk Sport last night, a UK based program, where he gave hints he had been working on something big in LA.

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TomInc2771d ago

I'm just hoping for a bit of innovation. If it releases too similar to prior releases it'll be bit depressing. Looking forward to the official statements on it all!

Hurry up E3...

nickblue2162770d ago

Innovation & call of duty never work together sorry man.

thrasherv32770d ago

They did with vCoD and UO.

Dart892770d ago

So they are calling it project collossus as in a collosus failure??

nickblue2162770d ago

COD sucks so much god kill this serious please!

P.S. Make sure COD idiots Disagree I love it
when you guys do that :)

the_union_of_PS3602770d ago

Cod is like madden they should change the name to call of duty 2012. But seriously in 20 years is their still going to be annual releases ?

ClaireJeepChick2769d ago

Why not? COD is a cash cow. Activision has no debt and gold bullion in piles around the offices - well maybe not that, but they are well in the black every year.

As long as COD makes money they will continue to press a new one each year.