'Early 2012' launch for Wii 2, game announce suggests

TVGB: "Nintendo's confirmed the existence of a Wii successor, that it will be shown off at E3 in less than a month's time, and that it will launch it some time in 2012. What it hasn't done is provide a more specific launch window. A fresh game announcement may have just done it for them."

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LumpsRGood3136d ago

If Ninty is really worried about keeping control on the timeframe announcement, I'd hate to be the PR person who approved that message.

I approved this message.

DrFUD3136d ago

Wii2 certainly releases early in 2012. Best guess is March or April. That gives Nintendo most of the year to rack up next-gen sales uncontested until Microsoft releases its follow up later that Fall

iamnsuperman3136d ago

we know it can't be any earlier than April because isn't that when the Fiscal year ends (end of March) and there was not indication of a launch in early 2012. So I am expecting April at the earliest