Gamer's Corner: PS3 Game Sales Hit By PSN Outage?

Gamer's Corner writes "The sun is shining in the U.K, unusually so for this time of year. In fact, April was the hottest on record. Traditionally warm weather is linked to a fall in video games sales, as the average gamer puts on his swimming shorts and ventures outside. That's bad news for Sony, made worse by the recent hacking fiasco that has left the PSN down for weeks with no definate end in site. There have been rumours that PS3 gamers have been migrating to the Xbox to satisfy their online gaming needs. If that's true then we can expect to see a heavy drop in PS3 game sales."

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BX813344d ago

I would actually like to know how many grades improved due to PSN being down. LOL. Might as well hit da books.

FamilyGuy3344d ago

Osama died during the psn outage, just sayin people have definitely gotten off their asses during the downtime. lol

Quagmire3344d ago

Youre an idiot if you truly believe PSN downtime had ANY correlation with the death of Osama.

The_KELRaTH3344d ago

Quagmire, get some humour pills :)

HeavenlySnipes3344d ago

funny that a guy calling himself Quagmire would respond to a comment by family guy. lol

Close_Second3344d ago

Yep, I have stopped buying games for both the PS3 and PSP. Kind of a no brainer for the PSP as I have the Go. The PSN outage makes the Go largely redundant.

As for PS3 games, why buy no when you can wait and they'll be cheaper in a months time when PSN will (hopefully) be back up.

To be honest, the PSN outage has almost put me off gaming. I was spending far too much time gaming and Sony's announcement that they are dropping the Go has left me ou in the cold. Not even had it for a year.

RandomDude6553344d ago

Eh....who knows. Brink was going to sell more on 360 anyway, but we'll see sites using that as proof. Maybe Sony will see an increase in sales for single player games?

MasterCornholio3344d ago

It is impossible. I refuse to believe that large masses of gamers are trading in their PS3s for 360 because then they would miss out on a ton of great games comming out this year. Even without PSN theres still a ton of great things you can do with the PS3. Those who trade it in are not gamers just a bunch of bungholes. Plus most people who own both get the multiplats on the 360 anyways so i dont see this affecting sales as much as they say

iistuii3344d ago

That every game, or near on every game gets an update on the day of release, the games nowadays all need the PSN. I'm still waiting to get my GT5 updated and my ultimate team on FIFA is redundant. And as for Socom, ive finished it twice and it's selling point was the online. And if you have both consoles like I do and a multi-format comes out whist the PSN is down it only makes sense to get it on 360.

Bangkay3344d ago

you can still update your ps3 games because it uses different servers than the PSN. I just updated some of my games few days ago.

MasterCornholio3344d ago

I just received Marvel VS Capcom a little over a week ago and i was able to download the update. Next time do a little bit of research before you open your mouth otherwise people will accuse you of trolling and knock you down a few bubbles. I could a afford a Wii and a 360 but i havent bought them because i only really need one console. And for me the PS3 was the best choice because it has all the games that i want to play. Also i dont fret over multiplats because most of them are nearly identical on both platforms despite what the idiots say about the 360 having vastly superior multiplats.

iistuii3344d ago

To open my mouth can you explain to me how to get the updated cars to complete GT5 without PSN. And next time before you open your mouth, remember that not everyone knows everything like you seem to.

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The story is too old to be commented.