Metal Gear Solid 4's Ryan Payton: Why no PSN demo?

Game Almighty caught up with Metal Gear Solid 4's Ryan Payton at E For All, asking him why there were no plans for a Playstation Network demo before the launch of the game, among other questions.

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jackdoe4106d ago

That's a lame excuse man. People are already loving the incomplete version of the game, it is time to share that love with the people who don't live in LA.

JsonHenry4106d ago

Because EVERYONE will buy the game anyway, and they don't want to mess with making a demo. That is why. It is not like anyone thinks there is even a remote chance this game will suck, so they have nothing to prove with a demo.

Why won't they just be honest?

jackdoe4106d ago

They already have a demo up and running, shouldn't be too difficult to make it playable on your PS3 at home.


The interviewer said himself that it seems that the only people buying a PS3 are the Metal Gear Solid Fans, so If the hype is that strong for PS3 enthusiasts then a Demo would hurt overall sales. They need to use the mystery of the unknown to sell PS3s, even one bad review could stop 100 people from buying the system and that could account for a 1/3 of their possible sales.

It seems the Demo is the least of the MGS fans problems, all of the familiar game play has changed along with controls and plot depth, not a true sequel. They dumbed down Oblivion for the masses and now another big franchise will be the victim of sales over continuity.

I don't know about you all but I got the distinct feeling they were prepping you for a multi-console release considering they already know PS3 fans know the story line , Think about it everything has changed to accommodate the XBOX 360 Fans. Who knows I might just rent it on the 360....Nah...never really thought the flashing lights and alarms felt real anyway, this is a played out series!

Boink4106d ago

demo's take some time to get going, not much, but they do take time + work.

I guarantee you sony is pressuring them to get that game going as fast as possible.

scheme_a4106d ago

Ok, so he does acknowledge the poor AI behavior.
I hope they tweak the hell out of it for retail or PSN demo (if they are releasing it)

pilotpistolpete4106d ago

I think he knows the demo Ai is not great. He basically said people would pick at it, and the version they are working on has quite a few improvements.

jackdoe4106d ago

It's kind of obvious that they are. There are still months until release.

Clinton5144106d ago

I'm getting the game regardless and I don't want to see anymore trailers or play spoilers lol

BaMYouRDeaD4106d ago

I don't think I quite need a demo to decide whether or not I'm getting MGS4.

I guess a demo would be nice for those new to the series.

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