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BRINK, developed by Splash Damage and Bethesda Software, is a derivative first-person shooter with an emphasis on multiplayer. What was promised is far from what was received. We were fed lines about how BRINK was going to revolutionize the way gamers played online and offline, how it would be a streamlined experience built upon revolutionary technology. The game, I will admit, looks nice and the characters have a unique, if slightly stereotyped design sense about them, but beyond the 102 quadrillion unique configurations what we have is a game that you’d regret pre-ordering. If you were expecting a parkour-inspired, dystopian game with a deep, well executed story and addictive online play, think again.

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ComboBreaker3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Whoa. 45 out 100.

TBM3138d ago

Yea that's too low a score imo.

JsonHenry3138d ago

A lot of mixed reviews on this game. That, coupled with no demo, does make me wonder.

Rybakov3138d ago

if you like counter strike, shadowrun, quake wars, etc etc the game is awesome, nice game play not just run around and be rambo like most fps shooters now a days

reviewers are just gonna hate cause its not call of duty and requires effort on people to work together

JsonHenry3138d ago

You sold me at Counter Strike.

bananasNmonkeys3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Sigh... This reviewer has presumably taken points away for something thats not even in the game, namely female characters. Plus texture pop in is being patched.

TheoreticalParticle3138d ago

Let me summarize this review:

66%: WTF, there's no female characters.

20%: Holy shit, I need to write a review, because my deadline's here!

14%: The game's respawn system seems broken, and that messes up some of the multiplayer experience, and I didn't like single player.

Matthew O'Mara Review: 2.5/10. Try harder, but in all honesty, you should be looking for new employment. I could have gotten everything but that final 14% from reading coverage prior to this review. It seems quite likely that you didn't actually play this game for more than 3 multiplayer matches and a quick jaunt in single player.

OC_MurphysLaw3138d ago

@TheoreticalParticle EXCELLENT post! +bubbles

OC_MurphysLaw3138d ago favorite part of this crap review:

"In one multiplayer match, the squad I belonged to was tasked with destroying a pillar, retrieving a navigation computer and escorting the box, via a tank-like robot, to a nearby boat. All was going swimmingly until the other team wised up right near to the end. In order to leave the mission, our team had to hack a small control panel held within a fortress the other side had constructed. To say they were turtling is an understatement, and an unbalanced system of respanwing right next to the objective prevented us from having even a slight chance of winning the match. They all became engineers, destroyed our hack boxes and deployed turrets freaking everywhere. There were turrets, turrets everywhere, and frustration abound. It could be a matter of balance and what happened was all “part of the game’s strategy”, but even when I had changed classes, even when I used every weapon at my disposal and even when I had been rallied we still lost, badly."

What I took away from that ....this is a multiplayer team game...yet all I hear from this dbag when the other team started playing as a team is: I this, I that... there is no I in team jackass....go back to playing COD please.

TheoreticalParticle3138d ago

I didn't exactly take that from it. It sounds kind of like what ends up happening in Halo Reach in territories with the final capture point. People respawn so close that simply repawning and hucking grenades makes it basically impossible to take the final point.

Everyone getting to respawn and drop a turret on the one spot they know you're going to be isn't really going to be all that much fun, especially if that final objective is the single determinant if you win or lose. That was really the only point in the review that concerned me.

OC_MurphysLaw3138d ago

I do see your concern about respawning...but I will say this... If you do play as a team, 9 out of 10 times you can beat a spawn camping scheme like this. Remember each side spawn area has an industructible cannon that protects the area. So you can spawn in fine...its the moving out of the area that can get dicey sure...but with team tactics i have no doubt you could beat teams trying to pull this.

This is a team game, just like counter strike and team fortress.... hell even Monday Night Combat. Work as a team, do your job as your class or in cases where classes are needed...chose the right class for the situation. Its not a COD type shooter where team work is a much less needed attribute for most of the game types.

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