Australian Mortal Kombat - First Brutal Impressions

Many of you maybe wondering since Mortal Kombat has an online pass, how does one activate their code? well let Thumbpad break it down in to three easy steps. Because MK is not available here in Australia, the Australian servers will not be able to activate your online pass. So here is the work around that problem.

Now by no means does Thumbpad wish to rub it in to the locals who have yet to experience the sheer joy of rejoining the Mortal masses, but below we have listed – simply because there is so much of it, all the Kombat Kontent available for the game. This however does not even begin to touch on the addition of Babalities as well as Fatalities, all the Kombat modifiers or the story; but read on to see some initial reflections on the first guilty 24hrs.

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rjgbyrne3135d ago

Cheers, worked a treat, done it with an Irish profile so I can now Spy on what my mates get on Xbox live too, he he! Get over here... its a great game but shouldn't have been classified 15 n Australia, the ratings board are right with their guidelines but there should be an 18's rating years ago. Seems Australian politics is governed by the religious groups rather than a real democracy. It will have to pull itself in to line regardless and that is why I don't have any respect for religious groups around the world. They are all as bad as each other and are businesses, not what a religion should be after all its suppose to 'guide' a person into having a good life, not restrict society. Where is my free DLC character!?! ha ha!

Iancranium3132d ago

U need a DLC code for the character- but it will be linked to your Irish account- no the DLC characters work just fine because they are on the Disk sorry.

apparently you have to Unlock Kratos in the game by 'buying him in the Krypt so I assume he is hiding until you get enough Koin to find him