Activision hopes PSN is restored in time for Black Ops DLC

Activision has said that it is “hopeful” Sony can restore PlayStation Network in time for the PlayStation 3 release of Call of Duty: Black Ops’ Escalation DLC later this quarter

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Nate-Dog3142d ago

Ah yes, because that is all that matters right Activision? Not an updated system, not better security, and not protecting people's details. Heck not even games that are releasing around this time and are probably suffering a bit in the sales department because of what's going on. CoD and your overpriced DLC is all that matters in this world.

green3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )


Black Ops is the biggest selling game of all time on the PS3. The DLC will obviously sell in the millions which is only a good thing because Sony will benefit greatly from it.

I may not be an Activision fan but at least, i can't be bllind to the benefits that having the franchise has for platform holders.

Nate-Dog3141d ago

I ain't disagreeing, and I ain't disagreeing with the principles of capitalism, but you know Activision would first and foremost worry about their DLC packs rather than the security of the actual PSN coming back, or perhaps about some CoD fans on PS3 saying "no, I don't think I want to get this DLC incase the system isn't secure" (might not be the case but you know what people can be like), or even just fixing the piece of trash that Black Ops is on PS3 and that has been since release. You have to remember too that the PS store could actually take quite a while to come back since Sony will mainly be looking to get up online gaming services first and Sony have even said themselves that it could take a while before they put the PS store back up after other services have resumed (and there's no clarity about when that'll happen with those other services either).

Elimin83141d ago

Fuck Activision and their over priced DLC's!!!

Zydake3141d ago

to them IT IS all that matters they are video game publisher and they want PSN back up in time for the Escalation DLC . Shit I dont blame them they are just trying to make sure they can get there money. and it isnt new most devs are probably thinking the same way.

Dart893141d ago

OMG wat a shocker /s.

GOODKyle3141d ago

Of course they are. Money is money no matter where it's from.

Sparticus_13141d ago

...this is why I dont or wont own a cod

ChronoJoe3141d ago

This article has been repeated like 4 times now.

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