Front Towards Gamer Radio AMBUSH, Episode 53: Ed “Bongoboy” Stern from Splash Damage for Brink

Early show this week, gang, specifically designed around getting you this interview in a timely fashion! Shanghai Six sits down with lead writer for Splash Damage, Ed “Bongoboy” Stern about his work on their hotly anticipated title releasing tomorrow, Brink!

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dingledodie773314d ago

Nice to hear a good British accent for a change.

Fir3truck3314d ago

Great show guys, We need to figure out a time for me to come on the show.

maxcavsm3314d ago

Trying to figure out if this game is any good or not; scores are all over the place right now. Good interview, and great that there's drop-in/drop-out play even in the single player.

Imp0ssibl33314d ago

Same here. I was actually kind of surprised to see all these different scores, I expected this game to do better.