Home, SingStar, LittleBigPlanet: User-generated Content Is Transforming Gaming

No games company has embraced this nascent fusion between video games and social networking better than Sony Computer Entertainment, which has three bits of PlayStation 3 software in development that borrow from Web 2.0: these are Home (due for release in early 2008), its avatar-based environment for the online PlayStation Network (which resembles Second Life); SingStar, which will let you video your karaoke efforts and post them online; and LittleBigPlanet, a game that invites you to design platform-style game levels, and thus conforms to the biggest Web 2.0 buzz-phrase – user generated content.

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darkvenom4015d ago

wait for LBP,Home,and the Eyetoy.

ruibing4015d ago

I can't wait for LittleBigPlanet and Singstar. When is DDR ever coming to the PS3? Oh well, too late, I already got an adapter for my PS2 version.

SonySoldiers4015d ago

The good news is... PLAYSTATION 3 is the TRUEST user friendly console ever known to men.


Snukadaman4015d ago

and look what happend fact i cant wait myself.....ohh and whomp whomp.

chester4015d ago

i would trade in every game i have for all 3 systems right now for littlebigplanet.

well maybe not, but i'd seriously consider it.

Clinton5144015d ago

The screenshot captures and custom tracks. :P

Wolfmoonstrike4015d ago

man I can't wait for home and Little Big Planet especially Little Big Planet! this stuff rocks!

Coke-a-Cola4015d ago

Like MGS4 on the way.............
I place Little Big Planet at the top.

It is going to Do amazing things.