What The New “Alan Wake” Content Could Be


"So earlier today, Remedy revealed that there is another Alan Wake title in the works, but what they also said is that it's not going to be "Alan Wake 2", or some more downloadable content. However, some developers do like to choose their words extremely carefully (especially the likes of Valve), so I've done a bit of dabbing and came up with a few solutions on what this new content could be.


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InTheKnow3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Looks like it's coming to PC after all. Maybe it will also be an app on Windows 7 and other portable platforms. You can't disregard the whole Kinect game aspect as well.

Either way it's coming Fall 2011 and that means the reveal will be at E3. E3 is looking epic this year.

3133d ago
Droid Control3133d ago

I'm more interested in what Quantic Dream have coming up.

SixShotCop3133d ago

What are you doing in an article about a Remedy game?? lol.

I loved Alan Wake so no matter what the game is, i'm interested.

kissmeimgreek3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Its either getting ported to PC or its gonna be a new version with kinect support.

PS3 port seems unlikely since MS is most likely publishing this version as well.

EDIT- Actually a prequel could be pretty likely as well...

Raven_Nomad3133d ago

A season two seems pretty likely. I could see how that wouldn't be a direct sequel. Perhaps Microsoft is super serious about Kinect and AAA titles though? I mean they have a brand new studio in Canada working on a AAA FPS, Gears Of War Exile? Halo Kinect? possibly Alan Wake Kinect? We know Forza 4 is going to support Kinect and we will probably see Lionhead Studio's support it as well.

If all of this is true then color me a happy Kinect owner.

DigitalRaptor3133d ago

The thought of playing those games with Kinect leaves me with only one thing in mind... "EEEWWW!!!!"

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