Metro: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game Review

Metro writes:

"We do love the Lego games, but we've got to admit that two new titles in less than two months is taking unfair advantage of our affections. And with Lego Star Wars III still fresh in our minds (and high in the charts) it provides some unflatteringly direct comparisons with a game that fits the Lego movie mould with a far less satisfying click."

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barb_wire2771d ago

Bland review - seems the reviewer thinks that if it isn't 'Star Wars' it's crap.. and actually LEGO Batman was by far the worse and most bland playing LEGO game yet - considering the license, TT Games blew it with Batman.

But having said that, I still play LEGO Batman, in fact I still play all of them.. beaten them all except POTC (which I don't have yet) and still enjoy them.