5 Ways The Wii 2 Could Change The Games Industry

Game Rant writes, "Nearly every single Nintendo hardware launch has turned out to be a milestone moment in games history, from the Nintendo 64 to the glasses-free 3D of the 3DS, and the Wii 2 could do the same. Sure, we have fears about the Wii 2, but what some may view as Nintendo arriving late to the party, we see as a potential game-changer in the making.

To help explain our thinking, we’ve put together a list of the 5 ways that Nintendo’s upcoming console may reshape the entire industry, both directly and indirectly. If even half of the rumors circling on ‘Project Cafe’ turn out to be true, Nintendo may just show that their ability to rock the gaming world hasn’t diminished one bit."

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Yangus3139d ago

I think new Nintendo console awesome!
Wait E3.

Tony-Red-Grave3139d ago

unless the wii2 comes out with a new disk format, like p psx did, or push what we can do online, ala XBL, then there isn't much it can do to change the game industry.

unless their pushing fopr a new form of hardware which i hope doesnt happen because everyones looking a motion controls or no controls and its a tad bit to early for that right now simply because its a gimmick.

BeastlyRig3139d ago

I really hope they do wow the crowd & bring back the love I had for them in snes & N64 days!

ddelella3139d ago

The future of games is not a physical media but a cloud based streaming similar to games-on-demand on Xbox Live. The only downside it the cost is regulated by MS right now and there servers house the games. If other sellers like GameStop, Toys R Us, etc offered Games on Demand servers that could simply be accessed and purchased remotely it would allow us to play them anywhere there is a "dumb terminal", for use of a nice old school term. I don't think the next-gen Wii will stand a chance on the inovation front. They are too busy playing catchup to other main consoles. The Xbox and PS should easily be looking into quad-core and terabyte hdds for their next-gen consoles. If they don't plan a release till 2014 it could even be better.

Tony-Red-Grave3139d ago

imo the best future comes from online retailers i prefer physical to download because of pricing and online retailers ave the best pricing vs both.

not to mention that downloadable games prices are set by the publishers? unlike retailers where you could buy a game used cheap, even with the online pass its cheaper, where as a downloadable game would cost a good $30 for quite awhile no matter how bad before the price drops.

though iv'e heard sony was looking into quad core tech to try and make the next playstation a developer friendly one heres to hoping for some innovations.

hopefully next playstation gets a better gpu i wont mind if thy keep the same CELL so long as they have a better GPU with more RAM but i think it was the CELL that was hard to dev for so hopefully they make a stronger version that is a little easier to dev for with a stronger gpu and done.

3139d ago
alousow3139d ago Show