Activision Executive Voices Concerns Over PSN Reliability

GPT: "While PlayStation 3 gamers can still play Call of Duty offline, the outage has prevented them, since April 20, from playing against others on PSN. "We're really concerned about it," said Bobby Kotick, Activision's chief executive, in an interview. "People are really disappointed."

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ShyGuy132771d ago

"We're very concerned that gamers are unhappy they cannot play our game. It's a pretty popular game I hear."

zeksta2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Lol, that's a perfect impersonation.

solideagle12771d ago

now they have excuse that COD needs their own servers and they will charge for that...Future prediction lolz


StanLee2771d ago

Well it is the most popular game on PSN as well and there are many disappointed by the PSN's downtime.

pixelsword2771d ago

Gamers Voice Concerns Over Activision Games Reliability

VG_Releaser2771d ago

Activision doesnt care about gamers.

GunShotEddy2771d ago

Yea. Why do these COMPANIES want to make MONEY in a BUSINESS? Weird right?

frelyler2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Making money and caring about consumers are two completely different things. They know people will buy COD based on the name, not quality, just look to the cash cow that was Guitar Hero. Also, wasn't the PS3 version of COD a mess at launch anyways? I am concerned with Activision's games not being reliable and stable from system to system.

dangert122771d ago

There not that concerned. If Activision really was concerned they would HELP!!!
SHIT I could be losing potential profit here sony look these guys will help your psn become more secure

hmmm yes i am worried about how secure psn is then thats it finished lol

GunShotEddy2771d ago

Activision wouldn't help unless they had DLC about to release on PSN. Escalation is time-exclusive right? So they don't care too much at the moment.

dangert122771d ago

which is my point there not concerned if they was they would help

beavis4play2771d ago

kotick is concerned? if he wants us to play the games and buy their stuff, why did he make a deal with MS on the dlc? we can't purchase that right now even if psn WAS up and running.

mastiffchild2771d ago

Aaand he would, IDK, have made sure the game worked on PS3 if he gave a crap in the first place so, no, I won't be listening to his shit stirring BS about PSN-or anyone else from Acti for that matter. They already show blatant disregard for gamers and for development studios under their own control. I don't LIKE the way they look short term gain over EVERYTHING else and the way Kotick's policies risk looking like slash and burn in a year or two's time.

IF there's been a good side to this outage it's possibly been that I haven't had to see the missus play ANY effin Blops or MW2 for a while. I was actually forgetting they even existed(Acti) for a while there in my SP catch up marathon which looks top be heading into actually buying MORE games soon after seeming an impenetrable backlog at one point!

But, no mate, I can't say that I see why Kotick or Acti would care all that much right now either.

beavis4play2771d ago

you said it, mastiff! kotick really irritates me.

Acquiescence2771d ago

"WE'RE LOSING MONEY! ALL THE TIME PSN IS DOWN WE LOSE MONEY! MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY! WHERE'S OUR MONEY DAMNIT!" *starts frothing at the mouth and falls to the ground in a seizure*

Activision really love their money.

GunShotEddy2771d ago

From Joe Dirt:
Maybe one day UNICEF will get
into the gaming business...
...but until then,
Activision are the people to see.

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