Modern Warfare 3 | What We Want

Dealspwn lists a few key demands for Infinity Ward to consider for the latest iteration in Call of Duty

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Pixel_Pusher2716d ago

Now what could it possibly offer that MW2 doesn't already. No thanks.

dannybohy2716d ago

wtf!! who said Infinity Ward was back in the picture!!! SINCE WHEN!! am i missing something here??

PoulCast2716d ago

Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer & Raven is all three working on the title afaik.

newhumanbreed2716d ago

It's not really Infinity Ward, it's the shell that once was Infinity Ward. Most of the original developers left. Now it's filled with new developers that Kotick hired. Don't expect anything different. It will be just like every other Call of Duty game that came out after Modern Warfare.

BeastlyRig2716d ago

As a true Call of Duty fan I want BF3!!

moaradin2716d ago

I want the game to not be bad like the last 4 CoD games, but something tells me that wont happen.

HarryB2716d ago

maybe this time they will make it when you use a killstreaks they don't count as kills ? That would be a major let down for all the kiddys who like to sit against the wall and do nothing but kill streaks and go 85-5 on nuketown and consider themselves the best player in cod.

Cod was created to beat counter strike, I have yet to see this.

newhumanbreed2716d ago

Call of Duty was actually created to beat Medal of Honor, which it did. EA and Activision have always been rivals.

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The story is too old to be commented.