Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand Details

Tommorow, EA DICE is Submitting two Interviews together with Screenshots of Back to Karkand DLC

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BeastlyRig2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Just bought Battlefield 2 complete pack yesterday off of steam for $5!

I will be playing it more than ever the week before release to get ready for BF3!

tdrules2717d ago

of course you will, nearly all the servers are Karkand 24/7 haha

sprayNpray2717d ago

Download. Project. Reality.

It will change your life

I've been playing this mod for 3 weeks now and if I wasn't one to look at gaming news I wouldn't have even known that the PSN is down. Hours and hours of fun.

Solid_Snake-2717d ago

i bought the battlefield 2 complete pack over the christmas sale for about the same price....amazing bargain even though ive only played a few hours of it. i also bought medal of honor for £10 on steam sale last week. not bad considering it includes the battlefield 3 beta. BOOYAH

chak_2717d ago

teasing for that...

As much as I LOVE DICE, it's ridiculous. A stupid "interview" and an artwork.

Get back to work seriously

Ghost11592717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Screenshots of the dlc before we have even seen the console versions. EA must be run by monkeys.

sprayNpray2717d ago

They aren't screenshots. Just concept art.

ATiElite2717d ago

....Um actually i have never left Karkand. been on that map since BF 1942.

BattleAxe2717d ago

You're one of those....

ATiElite2717d ago

You're one of those....

Hardened Battlefield Veteran w/ Purple Heart status...Why yes I am. :)