Frictionless Insight: Brink Review

Frictionless Insight writes:

"I've loved my experience with Brink so far. It is poised to become a standby option for online fun. Yes, this review is based on limited, pre-release multiplayer with other humans and tons of play with bots, but I'll be on when the servers populate as the game is released, and I'll be sure to update this review if things change as the community settles in to play Brink. If you're considering Brink, go for it. Especially if you have the slightest propensity for tactics or cooperation in your online, multiplayer shooter, you won't be disappointed."

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PoulCast3131d ago

Do not, make reviews so freaking shortly after release. You have the "new" feeling for the game for a week or so, wait till you've properly played it both single-player, CO-OP & multiplayer before making shit reviews no one gives a shit about.

Joni-Ice3131d ago

Did anybody play it yet? Im not sure about this game. The reviews scores are low. not sure if I want to spend $60 on this.

PoulCast3130d ago

Don't get it yet, alot of mixed reviews about it currently. Some gives it 2/5 while others, like this one 4.5/5. Subjective ofcourse, so i guess it totally depends if you like the style of the game.