DigitalTrends: Brink Review

Ryan Fleming at DigitalTrends writes:

"Have you ever had that one friend that you knew was full of potential and could go on to do great things, but for whatever reason—maybe they are just lazy or possibly they chose to embrace a deep fryer over all vegetables as a lifestyle choice—there potential is just never realized? You may see flashes of it now and then, and they may still be fun to hang out with, but it is impossible to get over that nagging feeling that there is so much more that could have been tapped. That friend, in a nutshell, is Brink."

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Raider692721d ago

Team based MP only game!The beginning of the end,games like Shadow Run,Lost Planet 2,APB already shown that this only concept dont work if not solidified by at least a good SP campaign too.They didnt release a demo for not killing the hype,maybe some may still get there preorders down from this flop and get L.A noire insted or Shadow Run at bargin.

Grave2721d ago

Ya looks like I'm passing on this one. I hope LA Noire is good.