Epic, NVIDIA & Tim Sweeney Talk Samaritan & The Future Of Gaming Graphics

Learn all about the new, exciting DirectX 11 technologies Epic and NVIDIA created for the incredible Samaritan technology demo, shown running in real-time on three NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580s at GDC 2011. Also, Epic’s technology maestro, Tim Sweeney, talks about the future of graphics and how Epic helps others make their own content.

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newsguy3132d ago

Unreal engine. So pretty.

Otheros003132d ago

Unreal looks so rubbery and plastic.

newsguy3132d ago

...not sure if serious...

Kakkoii3131d ago

He is serious, and it is true. The sub-surfacing scattering is bad in their demo. Crysis 1 even had sub-surface scattering on faces that was better.

Most people aren't very familiar with high-end graphics technologies like SSS. But for people like me who work with production level SSS in CG, I can easily say their implementation is horrible looking compared to properly done SSS.

xer03132d ago

Absoloutely, but i've always been far more interested in John Carmacks vision and ideas.

From what I hear, id tech 6 will be using voxels, as well as ray tracing.

Otheros003132d ago

I am serious. Just take a look at the DMC reboot.

starchild3132d ago

You're loony. I don't see any rubbery look. In fact, I don't see any screenshots of the actual game there at all. What exactly were you trying to show?

Plenty of extremely good looking games like Mirror's Edge and Gears of War 3 use that engine. It looks great.

I don't want it to be used for every game because game engines do impart a certain look to games and I don't want all games looking too similar. But it is still a great engine.

DeadlyFire3131d ago (Edited 3131d ago )

I like Unreal Engine 4 Tech demo they showed. Can't wait to see which next gen consoles will sport it. I know the PC platform will.

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soundslike3132d ago

I know I should be impressed. It is impressive. But I'm not...yet.

I just want to know how open world games could actually look with these advancements.

AndyB3132d ago

An open world game using this tech will be a very long time off.

squidyj3132d ago

I wouldn't expect Unreal 3 games to use much of this tech TBH. The performance hit for most of what's going on is pretty serious. Samaritan seems like "oh shit everybody else is showing off next-gen tech we need to show something too" and then that's the last we hear of it until Unreal 4 on next gen consoles.

likedamaster3131d ago

It's a very good article and worth a read. Amazing how the "renderman" tech by Pixar is still effecting the industry even today.