E3 floorplan made public: Sony biggest stand

PSFocus writes: The E3 is only a couple weeks away and today the floorplan was made public. It's shows that Sony has got the biggest stand again.

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upturned23136d ago

I know. Apparently, a couple weeks is a month, too.

WhittO3136d ago

Can't Wait for E3!!

Sony must be under some pressure now because of the PSN mess, they have to bring what they have in the past - and more, people will soon forget it.

I know what would make me forget this entire thing and not care - a new FW Update packed with some nice features!! (We haven't seen a big update with lots of features for 2 years..)

LOGICWINS3136d ago

Yeah, June 7th is gunna be a great day!

gaffyh3136d ago

This is always the case, Sony always have a big presence at all these sorts of events.

zootang3136d ago

They do tend to show the most games.

Hands Up For Games3136d ago

Sony have to hit the ball out of the park at this E3!

The bad press they have had over the last few weeks could be forgotten about if they have a stormer of an E3.

The countdown is on and I cant wait!!

New console from Nintendo, MS doing better than what they did last year and Sony having to come up with the goods to bat away any bad press of late.

Should be brilliant for everyone :)

Tony-Red-Grave3136d ago

well lets look at potential E3 anouncements

Twisted metal beta
Ngp pricing
the last guardian
SoC collection unles that came out
resistance3 gameplay/beta hopefully
and hopefully santa monicas new project

Big-Boss3136d ago

no mgs5 in the list GTFO

Tony-Red-Grave3136d ago

well who said MGS5 could be announced only on sonys E3? they could announce it at TGS or konami could do it themselves

clintos593136d ago

Bring a $199 sku & watch every ps3 sell out in every store. We already know UC3 will blow everything away.

StanRaimondi3136d ago

If they do a price drop especially down to 199 ill buy another one myself.

LOGICWINS3136d ago

20gb PS3 for $200. If Sony doesn't do this, I'd be such a wasted opportunity.

Emilio_Estevez3136d ago

They'd have to go 40gb, almost no diff in price and 20gb is just not enough if you plan on getting more than a few games.

LOGICWINS3136d ago

Not really. The massive sales 4gb 360 arcade consoles in the U.S. indicate that 20gb is MORE than enough. But knowing Sony, they'll probably do the 40gb thg as you said...but they don't need to.

upturned23136d ago

Sony isn't Microsoft though. They won't make another 20gig.

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The story is too old to be commented.