Borderlands, Mafia II and BioShock 2 DLC featured in Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week

XMNR: Games from 2K Games get the spotlight in the Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week as add-ons for BioShock 2, Borderlands and Mafia II have their prices cut in half.

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MasterD9192812d ago

I wish they would have more deals like this on the newer games that come out...All this proves is that waiting for DLC to go on sale is worth it.

I got all of the Reach DLC this way.

trainsinrdr2812d ago

just release a complete edition of mafia 2 at retail already

Active Reload2812d ago

My only complaint with Live is--it not having Games on Demand releases in sync with retail releases. If Brink or LA Noire were to be released on Games on Demand along side the retail versions, I'd buy them. I have a lot of MS points that can only be spent on earlier releases.