Hirshberg: Next Call of Duty "will reset the bar for this genre"

Nintendo Universe writes:

Whilst many outlets were expecting Activision to reveal the first details regarding the next instalment within the hugely successful Call of Duty franchise during their financial results briefing last night, those listening in were offered nothing but teasing promises.

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dangert122716d ago

Well it is N4G i have no doubt Cod will reset the bar
thus bringing nothing new to the table ;) :P

PoulCast2716d ago

I think people are too rapid to judge this. Personally I will wait a few weeks to make my choice regarding purchasing CoD, I'm not even sure i'll get it at all - but consider that not just one team is working on this, three different teams with games in totally different themes are working on this title, so possibly it could do as mentioned, reset the bar.

My hopes aren't very high, as they ruined MW2 with IW.NET (PC-user), but I won't judge the game untill I have seen it in play for some time though.

sonicsidewinder2716d ago

Can't wait to lol when it doesn't.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2716d ago

Wonder what teh theme will be this time.

PoulCast2716d ago

Hopefully, it will and so will BF3. Modern Warfare 2 - Black Ops - BF:BC2, MoH & Homefront has all been the same.

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