Fifa 12 uses Curved Pitches to bring out 3D on the 3DS

Fifa 12 screenshots were released earlier this morning, and I have some thoughts on what has been seen so far.

It appears they are using curved pitches and a low camera angle in order to let the 3D capabilities work. This means that you, as the player, will be able to feel the depth of the game, and the 3D should come out better. Most previous Fifa games have had that classic camera view as if you were watching on the TV. I believe that they will still use this method for the versions on Xbox 360, and PS3, but on the 3DS this wouldn’t really work, because it would just be little small figures running around making the touchscreen functions in the game impossible and the 3D wouldn’t appear as awesome, which is what the 3DS’s main function needs to be when they are developing games. Its clever how a camera angle can make such a difference.

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