GameNTrain Editorial: E32011 Predictions

GameNTrain: Bungie’s weekly update continued to pour talk of change onto an already waterlogged community. The update initially focused on how stats would be safe guarded at, including everyone’s precious file Shares. This small life preserver of hope was quickly drowned by the expected forum downsizing notice and word that Bungie “won’t officially be at E3 this year.” Bad news is often easier to take in large doses; the mind automatically prioritizes each item and will focus on the one that matters most. The majority of Halo gamers will not be devastated by the lack of an official Bungie presence at E3.

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iamnsuperman3351d ago (Edited 3351d ago )

The things I know will happen at E3 is COD on Microsoft stage making it seem console exclusive, Kinect and Move games (more often than not will be crap/smoke and mirror "gameplay" or shovel ware which is becoming standard for E3

I would love a massive surprise but I can't see it happening. E3 is becoming more predictable every year. Still nice to see new gameplay footage but I would love some surprises.

ClaireJeepChick3350d ago

I totally agree. E3 is no longer where companies finally drop intel. They utilize online platforms to disperse the information directly to the public. I can't decide if I like that or not. :/