Microsoft's E3 2011 News Conference Details Confirmed

It's still highly unlikely we'll see a new Xbox and Kinect at E3 this year, but at least we know where and when the revelation would be made, as Microsoft has announced its pre-show conference details.

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NYC_Gamer3133d ago

i expect the conference to be about sales&kinect

3133d ago
LOGICWINS3133d ago

Why are people still lingering on core games for Kinect when their are dozens of core games coming out this year across the PS3, PC, and 360?

Just_The_Truth3133d ago

because people don't want to admit they wasted their money. MS have said that core gamers will be focused on with kinect so it's reasonable to expect core games to be coming. Obviously it's probably not going to be to the extend most people believe but we'll have to see. I can assure you though, those that knocked the move and have high hope for kinect to overshadow it in the hardcore dept. need it more than anyone.

WhittO3133d ago

Whatever you say about the consoles, you have to admit Sony has brought it to E3 the past 3 years!!

MS conference last year was (to me) so laughable, the more it went on, the more I couldn't believe how bad it was, pretending to play Kinect?!

This year I hope they both bring it all haha, they need to if Nintendo are announcing Wii 2 (but I have a feeling the hype of Nintendo products is starting to go flat, the more time goes on the more obvious it is just how lacking their products are to what others are already offereng).

Avraj453133d ago

Well I hope not cause I don't have kinect.

LOGICWINS3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Don't fret.

360 owners without Kinect will be able to play BF3, Duke Nukem, the next COD, Arkham City, L.A Noire, F.E.A.R 3, Supremacy MMA, Gears 3, Assassin's Creed 3, Rage, Forza 4 etc.

Thats $660 worth of games assuming you buy each of them day one..and thats not including the games that have already come out this year for the 360.

If you have all that and STILL aren't satisfied..then I think its time to go outside and get some fresh air cause life is clearly passing you by.

undercovrr3133d ago

Well only 2 of those games will be exclusive to Xbox users, and one of them (forza 4) is more targeted towards a niche crowd.

Hopefully MS announces some interesting games at E3 which are NOT kinect related, because I personally think Kinect is a waste of money

B1663r3133d ago

You are totally right, I can't enjoy games if they are not exclusive...

What have I been doing with my life...

3133d ago
RockmanII73133d ago

Thank You! I don't understand why people only consider exclusives games. PS3 has more exclusives but that doesn't make the 360 lineup worse. There are tons of multi plat games worth buying.

KDubyah3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Exactly! I've been saying that for, oh iduno, forever now.
Sure, exclusives are nice to have .. for the big three companies.
Just cause a game is exclusive doesn't make it any better than multiplats.
It doesn't automatically make it 'prettier' or make it any funner than others.

BrianG3132d ago

I agree with the above comments that exclusives aren't automatically the best games, etc.. etc...

But it is nice to have more exclusives than less. It just means more games for the gamers. I enjoy multi platform games a lot, but I don't mind playing exclusives either. Games are games to me.

If Uncharted was on Xbox to, I'd still play it haha. If Gears was on PS3, day one buy for me.

Aarix3132d ago

@undeercovrr Oh here we go..this "its not exclusive so their not worth playing" attitude is really starting to piss me off.

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Rybakov3133d ago

MS typically buts on a flashy show and occasionally throws some sales figures in there...Sony is the one who normally has 3 hours of sales and stocks with a couple game announcements and then they just show trailers from games we've seen a million times.....either way both shows are pretty lame

undercovrr3133d ago

Yeah, 2/3 of the shows for Sony piss me off. Why? Because 1/3 is about Move, which I could care less, and the other 1/3 is going to be about NGP, which I could also care less. Hopefully the other 1/3 is really interesting. MS isn't much better either

And nintendo's conference, well I'm not a big fan of Mario/Zelda games so I don't really watch them. However, I am really anticipating Nintendo's conference this year because I want to see what their new console can do

Rybakov3133d ago

yeah i mean im interested in the NGP but if its gonna be more ps3 videos super imposed onto it then thats that

and nintendo will be interesting to see if they can redeem them-selfs from the wii and see more super lag time of Zelda again (that was hilarious last year not gonna lie)

3133d ago
Otheros003133d ago

Finally some E3 news for a change. I hope their conference is not mostly about kinect.

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