Brain wave control – would you swap a handset for a headset?

Ben Stevens at Which? Convo writes: "Can technology really harness the power of our brains and use it to control video games? I gave the latest brain wave sensor technology a spin and found it hit and miss at reading my thoughts."

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rabidpancakeburglar3137d ago

No I wouldn't be able to focus enough to use it. Good that it has other uses though (alzheimer's, ADHD) as I don't see the point in introducing it to gaming

techie3137d ago

I'm not sure if it would be more fun either - especially in its current form. Maybe in the future, but what's wrong with using our thumbs and fingers?

iamnsuperman3137d ago

Agree In the future maybe but then again we have no idea how far this tech can go. At the moment no but innovation cannot be discouraged

techie3137d ago

I think it's problem is that you can't actually think about what you want to do. Thinking 'right' or 'left' are too similar as far as what we can see happening in the brain. Instead you have to think of 'apple' and 'dog' to mean left and right instead, for example. So atm it's a bit retarded.

theonlylolking3137d ago

If I do not have as much control as in real life then no, I will stick with gamepad or k/B

Tyre3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

No No No God forbid this will ever be introduced into is will provide some help for the handicapped...But in the 1st place this will take the hand eye coordination out of the loop and thats bad for almost everything we use in real life. 2nd it will make you use less physical energy, it will make you fat. 3rd The best part of games is the reaction between head and hand and the feedback u get via physical interaction with a controller. 4th It is already natural that u don't perceive using ur hands(once u have learned hand eye coordination for anything specific, ur not aware of the complex processes involved between the brain and the body and the perception is non existing) so this brain only step is superficial and useless 5th ur brain gets lazy cause it will be an easier task to perform than the complex Brain/Body interactions/processes. 6th The mind <=>body feedback processes provide a natural seperation/barrier/pathways between multiple thinking processes and actual final decisions/actions made during interaction with a system such as touch(a very complex evolution proven information tool that is vital)removing all this will be a handicap and lead to enormous errors in judgement in simulations/operations in real life. Better make the machines connect with ALL our senses instead of going brain only(the brain is intertwined with the body...a perfected ecosystem..after millions of years evolution) removing the senses in the decision making processes is a mistake.