Call of Duty Online experience will include free content

OXM UK: Activision's Call of Duty online platform will include free content, according to Acti-Blizz president Bobby Kotick.

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DelbertGrady3135d ago

...that will be worthless unless you pay.

evrfighter3134d ago

you don't spose a nade will cost $.25 a flashbang will cost $.15 do you?

maybe the ability to iron sight will cost $2 a month. jumping another $2.

wonder how much pc users will have to pay for custom video options and a custom ingame chat system =\

dirigiblebill3135d ago

Confirmed: Call of Duty Online users to get one half of a pair of socks for free (other sock available for 1200 MSP).

M4I0N33134d ago

"This platform will include a suite of services and content plans that will unite and ignite the community like never before. The platform will support in-game integration and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time."

Cross-platform play?

miDnIghtEr3134d ago

Why would you have any disagrees with your comment? Lol.. so weird here at times.

Anyways, that's what I'm wondering, and I guess assuming now? What is this whole thing going on? Like a COD online server?

M4I0N33134d ago

hmm not sure mate, however this is what i assumed aswell when i read that.

soundslike3134d ago

New Cap City

1 Life only.


labaronx3134d ago

dude i loved caprica

free content, but premium content for $10 bucks

G-Ham3134d ago

Activison are scum bags, Battlefield 3 will be the game this year we already pay enough for online services, COD is a great multiplayer game but no one should have to pay more than we do just to play online. Massively dissapoint

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