Uncharted: Naughty Dog Considered Campaign Co-Op

NowGamer: According to Uncharted 3 game director Justin Richmond, Naughty Dog has had "a lot of internal discussion" on whether it could support a cooperative mode within an Uncharted single-player campaign

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NukaCola2717d ago

This I don't want. I want to the story solo. The extra modes can be co-op but not the campaign. The interaction between the characters is why I love the game. I want to hear Sully chattering with Drake, not some guy across the net screaming into the mic,

skyward2717d ago

But what if they can do both? I'd take it.

crxss2716d ago (Edited 2716d ago )

Have you ever played a co-op game? Characters keep their interactions regardless of co-op. Even if you end up playing with some tard screaming in the mic you can always mute him or even better, play with one of the few friends you have in RL. And you know, if you don't have any friends in RL you can always play single player. It's not like they're taking the option for single player out so Stop crying.

Based on the cliffhanger at the end of article it sounds like co-op, in some form, will end up coming to the single player campaign. But I don't see how co-op can happen in that desert scene, unless we play as Sully (or that new unnamed character from that multiplayer trailer) in a completely diffferent area WHILE Drake is wandering the desert. That'd be a truly amazing feat for ND.

I'm all for co-op in U3! Uncharted, being the amazing movie-like experience that it is, is always more enjoyable with others. But if ND for some reason doesnt implement co-op into the main campaign then it won't be THAT terrible (but still a huge letdown) as long as they improve those horrid co-op modes from U2, those were terribly short and uneventful.

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Rainstorm812717d ago

I agree, I can deal with the co-op in Uncharted in its current form. Just add more missions instead of three like before.

Let the SP shine on its own, and the MP/co-op be a complete separate entity...

If it isnt broken.....

TotalPS3Fanboy2717d ago

The online co-op in Uncharted 2 is great. Just add a whole lot of more missions, and download new missions every two weeks or something.

Redempteur2716d ago


Co-op mission (or survival ) was very good in uncharted 2 .i just wanted more than 3 maps for the co-op missions. i was even ready for dlc if it included co-op missions

metsgaming2717d ago

yea i dont want ND to change the story just so it can fit with having a coop partner the entire time. What they should do is make more online coop story maps to compensate for not putting it in the campaign. They should focus more on that because 3 was to little last time and they neglected it and it was extremely fun.

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gillri2717d ago

indeed It would affect the SP in a negative way I think

look what happened to RE5, I just want a lengthy 10hr + SP campaign

HeavenlySnipes2717d ago

GG did this. I'd rather have online coop because you can play that for days without it getting boring. I can only play a SP game coop for so many times...

MGRogue20172717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Meh... like many others, I'll be just fine with the SP & online multiplayer :)

GrayFox2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

RE5 was worse because of forced co-op, Sheva was a annoying bitch. I don't want to see any game pull that stunt again.

Uncharted 3 single player, I work alone. When I want to throw noobs off a cliff I go online.

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