Alan Wake Sequel E3 Announcement Likely

Game People writes: "Alan Wake 2 seemed unlikely, but now looms on the road ahead. While we must wait for the official announcement, amidst the hope and conjecture it seems increasingly likely that Alan Wake 2 will be formally announced at E3 2011."

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Therealspy033132d ago

I love alan wake...but i hope that a new one would use a more modern engine.

jony_dols3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Alan Wake has great graphics except the facial animation were a bit below par.

Now if Remedy could combine their environmental graphics along with L.A Noire mo-cap, it could rival the best of the PS3 exclusives...

Headquarters113132d ago

Obviously you haven't play PS3 exclusives.

Sure Alan Wake looks great, i've played it. But the game just looks... flat compared to PS3 exclusives, Best way I cant put it lol

Dread3132d ago


I have a playstation 3 and occasionally play the exclusives and I can tell you that Alan Wake is up there with the best. Perhaps some sony exclusives have marginally better graphics but it is not nearly as much of an improvement as all you sony lovers make it up to be.

jony_dols3132d ago

Well I own both a PS3 & a Xbox. And I probably prefer my PS3 altogether as a console. However Alan Wake is my favourite 360 single player experience. And it looks fantastic. The atmosphere and the lighting effects are especially good.

ExitToExisT3132d ago

Alan Wake (1) was 540p if only they push the visuals up to 720p , it would be awesome. thats why alan wake didnt look sharp.

likedamaster3132d ago


Get your own avatar!

And no, it would be a waste to not utilize the Alan Wake engine on another game.

DelbertGrady3132d ago

How can Alan Wake 2 seem likely when the devs just stated that the next Alan Wake game won't be Alan Wake 2? Research much before you write?

hennessey863132d ago

but it is an Alan Wake game, maybe its a prequel or something.

jony_dols3132d ago

Don't get me wrong, I thought Alan Wake was a great game.

But because of its 5 year costly development combined with its less than impressive sales, I'm delighted (but surprised) that MS have decided to fund an exclusive sequel...lets just say that if Activision owned the rights to the IP, AW would cease to exist.

hennessey863132d ago

Deserves a sequel because of the way microsoft treated the game, there was no advertising and it released on the same day as red dead so it had no chance. Microsoft screwed up big time with AW.

3132d ago
jay23132d ago

I'm intrested in this game.

southernbanana3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Hope the sequel is as good or better than the original! Either way I can't wait!!

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The story is too old to be commented.