Xbox 360 Paypal Update is Low Blow for Sony and PSN Crisis

ProductReviews: Dare we say it, but should similar credit card security protection have been used to secure PS3 credit card info by a trusted company such as Paypal? You could argue that if they did already have such measures in place, it would have made life much more difficult for hackers to obtain.

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iamnsuperman2717d ago

Doesn't paypal charge a fee. Will the fee be picked up by Microsoft or the consumer

blue7xx72717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

PayPal doesn't charge you a fee at all It's free if you are buying stuff through it.

PayPal only charges a fee if you are the seller but I doubt Microsoft is going to let people sell stuff through Xbox live. So the answer is no.

@shikamarooo then you most likely are being charged for something else it clearly states in Paypal's website that they don't charge a fee if you are a buyer but if you are a seller they do charge a fee It's on their website go look it up.

iamnsuperman2717d ago

I see thanks for clearing that up for me

shikamaroooo2717d ago

its not free everytime i buy something off ebay i get charged $1.95 AUD from paypal

stevenhiggster2717d ago

It's no different from a credit card company in that respect. CC companies charge a fee to the seller too, that's why some smaller companies will charge the consumer more if they are paying with a credit card, and even some large companies, IKEA being a prime example.

r1sh122717d ago

I dont think MS will sell anything via paypal, but allow people to purchase items, market place DLC etc using paypal.
Hopefully this puts an end to the stupid MS points currency.

LightofDarkness2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )


This can happen if you purchased an item from an area in which tax charges apply to the sale of said items (and the seller conforms to tax regulations).

frelyler2717d ago

Right, but you failed to mention that M$ will be selling stuff through Live because they already do. You and everyone else knows for damned sure M$ will not pick up any tab for gamers and will always put that burden on them, not themselves.

Theonetheonly2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Should've got Lifelock-tm :)

AngryTypingGuy2717d ago

May 31st? Holy crap. If these hackers get caught, they are going away for a long ass time.

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DeadlyFire2717d ago

PayPal is a bitch. I made 5 different accounts and can't log in to any of them. I am locked out of them. That is too much.

Anything PayPal is used on does translate to a 1% fee or something like that.

GameOn2717d ago

Ive only ever been charged for transferring money out of my paypal account.

DeadlyFire2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

Something to do with Ebay I believe for the 1% charge or something not Paypal.

I dislike its security though. Its too far. I can't retrieve my accounts.

feelintheflow2717d ago

You obviously did something to get locked out of your accounts. I have had mine for about 8 years and never a problem and no, paypal does not charge you to buy something. I use it on the net for a lot of things. Do some homework before you bash.

DeadlyFire2717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I know it was E-bay not PayPal.

I did nothing to kill my account in anyway. Just got locked out for some reason on 3 of them and two of them just couldn't at all retrieve my password.

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fullmetal2972717d ago

Someone never shopped online before...

IaMs122717d ago

Whoo good, i wonder why they never had this in the first place, its always one of the first options i look for when purchasing something via the internet.

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Max_Dissatisfaction2717d ago

I don't think its a low blow, its actually displays humility on Microsoft's part to say they have learned from SONY's situation.
I think it would be very arrogant if they didn't do anything to improve their security in the wake of all this

r1sh122717d ago (Edited 2717d ago )

I agree, it shows that MS then dont have to worry about saving that information and can allow another service worry about it and it reduces MS costs.
But it might also have been in the works for a while, the update is out in like 9 days so maybe it had been planned for a while.

awiseman2717d ago

Agree. Didnt even think of it like that. Bubbles to you.

B1663r2717d ago

For the same reason it is a low blow to talk about cross game chat and other social networking features that XBL has and PSN does not I suspect..

Ace_Pheonix2717d ago

Ugh, tell me about it. I've been banging my head against a wall in agony about how PSN doesn't have those "other social networking features". Sometimes I want to just scream "Take my $60 dollars already and give me some of those 'other social networking features' already!"

NiKK_4192717d ago

I hope that was sarcasm ace lol, besides if you want social networking features... There is a browser for that

Ace_Pheonix2717d ago

I considered noting my sarcasm but figured it didn't need to be pointed out due to it being blatantly obvious. I just think it's funny how people fight over x-chat. The people that try to say it's awesome do so just to put down PSN, and the people that fight to get it purely do so so they can say "SEE! We got it too now, haha!" while in the meantime it's still a fairly useless feature that next to no one uses. And then this guys can't think of anything to say so he says "other social networking features" which is just hilarious to me. You people amuse me.

BenEViolent2717d ago

"next to know one uses"

Is that a fact?

b_one2717d ago

Sure ;D now if something goes wrong you can blame paypal, not MS :D

MS, smart as always ;)

LightofDarkness2717d ago

Or, you know, it's a double edged boon, that is they get an extra layer of critical security AND get to market this reliability with the added oomph that a trusted brand implies.

They're not always trying to "duck-out" of something, in fact, MS rarely do as a company, they've often faced their crises head-on.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2717d ago

Was with you up until that last sentence. The way they initially handled rrod was definitely NOT head on.

But it's true that this paypal thing has benefits to MS.

b_one2717d ago

So you would like paypal in PSN?
That remainds me about some former paypal stunts.
I dont trust paypal, google them.... Minecraft case alone speaks for itself...

BUT if someone likes it, i have no problem with that...

Atleast xbox users will have no trouble with canceling subscriptions...

LightofDarkness2717d ago

Really? When it became apparent that RROD was a more widespread problem than they had originally believed, they almost immediately footed the bill, setting aside billions for replacement machines. They didn't just shy away and pretend it didn't happen, they paid the tab.

Otheros002717d ago

They did not immediately foot the bill. It was because they got sue by so many people. If they really cared they would of fixed it. Since they are the first ones to know about it.

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jay22717d ago

Oh who really cares? you can buy points in shops, online etc. And paypals been hacked before so don't talk out of your bum claiming it's safe (and hasn't that new disc format been hacked).

edhe2717d ago

Two words:
Citation Required.